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Toggle_check # Status Tracker Category Priority Subject % Done
2148 ClosedTaskDevelopmentNormalCharts engine, extract and move messages to plug-ins

2150 ClosedTaskDevelopmentNormalCooccurrence, extract and move messages to plug-ins

2151 ClosedTaskDevelopmentNormalIndex, extract and move messages to plug-ins

2152 ClosedTaskDevelopmentNormalLexical Table, extract and move messages to plug-ins

2153 ClosedTaskDevelopmentNormalProgression, extract and move messages to plug-ins

2154 ClosedTaskDevelopmentNormalSpecificities, extract and move messages to plug-ins

2158 ClosedTaskDevelopmentNormalR, extract and move messages to plug-ins

2188 ClosedTaskDevelopmentNormalLexicon, default preferences

2199 ClosedBugCommandsNormalRCP: 0.7.8, broken link from Concordance result to Cooccurrences

2215 ClosedTaskDevelopmentNormalMatch the commands menu and toolbar entries order from 0.7.9 UI to 0.8 UI

2221 RejectedTaskDevelopmentNormalConvert org.eclipse.equinox.p2.ui to fragment

2222 RejectedTaskDevelopmentNormalConvert org.eclipse.ui.workbench to fragment

2226 ClosedTaskDevelopmentNormalConcordance, extract and move messages to plug-ins

2342 ClosedTaskChartsNormalCharts engine, set/fix default font preference

2343 ClosedBugDevelopmentNormalRCP: X.X, reconfigure eclipselink and JPA tools in the org.txm.annotation.core project

2384 ClosedFeatureUI / EditorNormalRCP: add "Close Other" and "Close All" to context menu of editor tab

2404 ClosedBugChartsNormalProgression, having twice the same query leads to error

2425 ClosedTaskDevelopmentNormalCheck the default preferences of all commands

2519 ClosedBugChartsNormalRCP: 0.8.0, macosx, scaling with trackpad scrolling

2430 ClosedBugDevelopmentNormalCorpora are loaded twice at startup

2470 ClosedFeatureChartsNormalProgression, add return key shorcut to open a synchronous linked concordance

2482 ClosedBugChartsNormalThe charts engine global preference "Default export format" doesn't work anymore

1228 ClosedTaskChartsLowRCP: 0.7.7, Charts engine advanced modes, R/PNG, R/JPEG, JFC/BMP, JFC/GIF, JFC/JPEG, JFC/PNG, JFC/SVG, JFC/PDF

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