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2116 TaskTXM 0.8.0a (split/restructuration)DevelopmentTXMResult and TXMEditor hierarchy, modify WordCloud related classes to use the new hierarchy

2108 TaskTXM 0.8.0a (split/restructuration)DevelopmentTXMResult hierarchy, modify Corpus related classes to use the new hierarchy

2101 TaskTXM 0.8.0a (split/restructuration)DevelopmentTXMResult hierarchy, modify Partition related classes to use the new hierarchy

875 BugTXM 0.7.7UIUnder Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks, TXM main menu is not displayed and 2 icons are displayed in the OS X launcher

2448 TaskTXM X.XUI / EditorUniformize the display swapping button icons of Parameters and Rendering areas

2724 BugTXM 0.8.2UpdateUpdates may fail on some Windows versions due to user file permissions

2218 TaskTXM X.XChartsUpgrade or change charts PDF export library

2570 TaskTXM 0.8.2ChartsUse gray color rather than black for charts that have only one series in grayscale mode

2113 TaskTXM 0.8.0a (split/restructuration)DevelopmentUse the new TXMResult and TXMEditor hierarchy and centralization

2447 TaskTXM X.XExportValidate the results data export

1520 TaskTXM X.XUI / ErgonomyWhen adding a query in the progression dialog box the text input of the new query should automatically gain the focus

2669 FeatureTXM X.XSearchEngineWhen creating partition on numeric value the parts order is numeric

2668 BugTXM X.XUI / ErgonomyWhen sorting on a column of a large lexical table the horizontal scrolling is reset

2785 BugTXM 0.8.2Stats / RWindows, can't run multiple instances of TXM

2534 BugTXM 0.8.2Persistence / LazyWindows, Corpus deletion problem if some files are in use

2414 BugTXM X.XStats / RWindows, Rterm.exe process isn't stopped when TXM exit

2132 TaskTXM 0.8.0a (split/restructuration)DevelopmentWordcloud, default preferences

2204 TaskTXM X.XImportXTZ Import, add an help text to explain the directory structure that must have the "Build "facs" edition" function

2206 TaskTXM X.XImportXTZ Import, add an option to name the build edition (and the facs edition?)

2208 BugTXM X.XImportXTZ Import, fail to apply xsl\4-edition\1-default-html.xsl

2207 BugTXM X.XEditionXTZ Import, HTML editions various bugs

2792 BugTXM 0.8.2ImportXTZ import, XSL editions not optimized when corpus is updated

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