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1053 BugTXM 0.8.0ChartsRCP: 0.7.6, AFC results view - results display

1054 FeatureTXM 0.8.0ChartsRCP: 0.7.6, AFC results view, hide items legend

1108 BugTXM 0.7.7Commands / ExportRCP: 0.7.6, automatically opening exported result file doesn't work

1051 BugTXM X.XChartsRCP: 0.7.6, CA chart title display the string "null" as corpus name

1137 FeatureTXM 0.7.7ChartsRCP: 0.7.6, CA charts, add a border matching the extreme coordinates points of the factorial map to delimit the chart area

1138 FeatureTXM 0.7.7ChartsRCP: 0.7.6, CA editor, eigenvalues table, integrate eigenvalues bar chart in the table rows

1094 BugTXM X.XCharts / R port from JFCRCP: 0.7.6, CA, the title is not entirely displayed in R charts engine

1160 BugTXM X.XCharts / R port from JFCRCP: 0.7.6, CAH, R/SVG, when editing some parameters from the tool bar, a new SVG is generated instead of overwriting the current editor SVG file

1131 BugTXM X.XChartsRCP: 0.7.6, Charts engine, tool tip persistence or display problem

765 BugTXM 0.7.7ChartsRCP: 0.7.6, Charts exported SVG contain an empty/transparent area at the bottom

818 FeatureTXM 0.8.0ChartsRCP: 0.7.6, Charts, manage "Grayscale", "Black & White" and/or "Monochrome" rendering modes for some charts

819 TaskTXM 0.8.0ChartsRCP: 0.7.6, Charts, remove old charts generating and test code when the 0.7.6 will be validated

1012 BugTXM 0.7.7ImportRCP: 0.7.6, Clipboard import, White space in the Russian translation of the corpus name

1105 FeatureTXM 0.7.7ChartsRCP: 0.7.6, constrain axes ticks/units to square aspect ratio in CA factorial map chart of JFC mode

953 BugTXM X.XUIRCP: 0.7.6, Default folder in File view and TXM home directory

1112 FeatureTXM X.XUIRCP: 0.7.6, define and implement names policy for TBX result object names, RCP editor/tab names/titles, charts exported view files, raw charts exported files from nodes and txt/csv results exported files

1102 FeatureTXM 0.7.7ChartsRCP: 0.7.6, Eigenvalues bar plot, add some informations to mouse over tool tips

1008 FeatureTXM X.XUI / InteractionRCP: 0.7.6, enhance or extend the Search CTRL + F dialog to offer a way to select/unselect some lines in a table with a REGEX

1046 BugTXM X.XChartsRCP: 0.7.6, export view from JFC charts engine to PDF file format does not support all UTF-8 characters (e. g. RU characters if they are not present in the used font)

1251 BugTXM 0.7.7ImportRCP: 0.7.6, fix tokenizer parameters fields in import form editor

1347 BugTXM X.XImportRCP: 0.7.6, fix tokenizer parameters fields in import form editor 2

1127 BugTXM X.XChartsRCP: 0.7.6, focus bugs in chart editors

1020 BugTXM 0.7.7UIRCP: 0.7.6, import form broken 'combo' widget for all OS

1011 BugTXM 0.7.7Charts / R port from JFCRCP: 0.7.6, Label display problem in R graphics, Mac

767 BugTXM 0.7.6ChartsRCP: 0.7.6, Linux, CA, the zoomed label texts on rollover on a plot are not centered

872 BugTXM 0.8.0ChartsRCP: 0.7.6, Mac OS X, the right mouse click pan doesn't work in chart editors

1110 FeatureTXM X.XUIRCP: 0.7.6, manage user defined number formats

814 TaskTXM X.XChartsRCP: 0.7.6, match the zoom and pan user entries of SVG Batik editor to JFC chart editor

1021 BugTXM X.XUIRCP: 0.7.6, new directory action broken in DirectoryDialog widget on Windows 8.1

1242 BugTXM 0.7.8UI / ErgonomyRCP: 0.7.6, Partition command parameters GUI internal structures and properties to hide to user

941 TaskTXM 0.7.6ChartsRCP: 0.7.6, Progression charts, rotate the part marker labels of 90 degrees and improvechart title

1055 BugTXM 0.7.7CommandsRCP: 0.7.6, Progression graphic export console message

1056 BugTXM 0.7.7ChartsRCP: 0.7.6, Progression graphic Java engine (JFC/SVG view and export)

1052 BugTXM 0.7.7ChartsRCP: 0.7.6, Progression Java graphic for subcorpus, X-axis starts on the 1st word of the corpus

1015 BugTXM 0.7.7Stats / RRCP: 0.7.6, Progression R graphic fails to be rendered

991 BugTXM 0.8.0Charts / R port from JFCRCP: 0.7.6, Progression, the grayscale preference in charts engine creates some monochrome charts instead of grayscale charts

1114 FeatureTXM X.XCharts / R port from JFCRCP: 0.7.6, R Charts Engine, SVG exported files do not contain XML 'text' tag making them difficult to edit/exploit them

1113 BugTXM X.XCharts / R port from JFCRCP: 0.7.6, R Charts Engine/SVG Batik Chart editors, the SVG export view functionality doesn't crop the chart view

1063 BugTXM X.XCharts / R port from JFCRCP: 0.7.6, R/SVG charts engine, CAH/CA, changing tool bar parameters too quickly hangs up the UI

807 FeatureTXM X.XUI / InteractionRCP: 0.7.6, replace "Export SVG" with "Export chart" command for results of chart type

1099 BugTXM 0.8.2Stats / RRCP: 0.7.6, Specificities crashes RServe on some subcorpus

1095 BugTXM X.XStats / RRCP: 0.7.6, Specificities failed with too big lexical tables

992 BugTXM 0.8.0Charts / R port from JFCRCP: 0.7.6, Specificities, the grayscale preference in R charts engine creates a black monochrome chart instead of a grayscale chart

1241 BugTXM X.XUIRCP: 0.7.6, Sub-corpus command parameters GUI internal structure property to hide to user

1344 BugTXM 0.8.0CommandsRCP: 0.7.6, T and t values mismatch between sub-corpus and partition with two parts for Specificity

857 BugTXM X.XNetworkRCP: 0.7.6, the check and update R packages command hangs under operating systems using proxy connection

766 BugTXM X.XChartsRCP: 0.7.6, Tooltip transparency of chart entities doesn't display as expected

960 BugTXM X.XImportRCP: 0.7.6, Transcriber import module "remove speaker" step does not work

1342 BugTXM 0.8.0CommandsRCP: 0.7.6, two lexical table lines with a same label (word form) crashes Specificity method

948 FeatureTXM X.XDémarrageRCP: 0.7.6, TXM splash screen version must be in sync with TXM version

1096 TaskTXM X.XDocumentationRCP: 0.7.6, Ubuntu setup can not be installed as root + proxy

1128 BugTXM 0.8.0ChartsRCP: 0.7.6, Ubuntu, CA chart editor focus bug when selecting rows/columns in the infos table

1129 BugTXM 0.8.0ChartsRCP: 0.7.6, Ubuntu, CA multipages editor, focus is never given to the singular values bar plot chart editor

1312 BugTXM X.XImportRCP: 0.7.6, Undocumented limitation in the number of letters in corpus name

917 BugTXM X.XToolboxRCP: 0.7.6beta, Concordance alphabetical sort

915 BugTXM 0.7.7UIRCP: 0.7.6beta, Macro view and TXM home directory

911 BugTXM 0.7.6UIRCP: 0.7.6beta: default value of boolean parameter widget does not work

909 BugTXM 0.7.6CommandsRCP: 0.7.6beta: impossible to delete a specicifity result computed from a sub-corpus

929 BugTXM 0.7.6UIRCP: 0.7.6beta: new specificity graphic does not open a new editor

946 BugTXM 0.7.6UIRCP: 0.7.6beta: progression line style parameter value must be single

1971 BugTXM X.XCharts / R port from JFCRCP: 0.7.7 & 0.7.8, Mac OS X Sierra, density progression fail

1445 BugTXM 0.7.8Commands / ExportRCP: 0.7.7 'Exporter le corpus' command entry and default filename

1444 BugTXM 0.7.8ImportRCP: 0.7.7 Ubuntu1404_64, XML-TMX import module broken

1283 FeatureTXM X.XImportRCP: 0.7.7, add a command to load a corpus from a directory

1284 FeatureTXM X.XChartsRCP: 0.7.7, add a way to copy and paste the chart view directly with OS native copy/paste commands/shortcuts

1529 FeatureTXM X.XUI / Link / CommandRCP: 0.7.7, add hyperlink to Concordance of the cell content in the part sub-corpus of an Index of a Partition in the contextual menu of all Partition Index cells

1549 BugTXM X.XImportRCP: 0.7.7, Alceste import bugs

1476 FeatureTXM 0.8.0UIRCP: 0.7.7, always keep References column displayed in Concordances

1573 BugTXM 0.7.8ImportRCP: 0.7.7, attribute with uppercase characters, XML/w+CSV import module

1185 BugTXM 0.7.7UpdateRCP: 0.7.7, automatic update bug at second launch

1478 BugTXM 0.8.0SetupRCP: 0.7.7, Avoid user to run TXM from the Program Files diretory

1541 BugTXM X.XImportRCP: 0.7.7, bad default directory for DTD in XML/w+CSV

1576 BugTXM X.XImportRCP: 0.7.7, bigger Description field in import parameters form

1537 BugTXM X.XUIRCP: 0.7.7, broken third party extension selection in update site dialog box

1226 BugTXM X.XChartsRCP: 0.7.7, CA chart title is too long and mispelled in French + better readability for axis labels

1170 BugTXM 0.7.7ChartsRCP: 0.7.7, CA eigenvalues, the character sum "Ʃ" is not well displayed under Windows XP

1921 BugTXM X.XSetupRCP: 0.7.7, change the TreeTagger installation directory path preference default value

1322 BugTXM X.XUIRCP: 0.7.7, Character of the refresh button in macro view is not displayed on Win XP

1228 TaskTXM 0.8.0ChartsRCP: 0.7.7, Charts engine advanced modes, R/PNG, R/JPEG, JFC/BMP, JFC/GIF, JFC/JPEG, JFC/PNG, JFC/SVG, JFC/PDF

1181 BugTXM X.XChartsRCP: 0.7.7, Charts export, Ubuntu, changing the file export format does not update the file extension in file name

1281 BugTXM 0.7.7ChartsRCP: 0.7.7, Charts, when vertical labels are too long, the chart is not drawn

1523 BugTXM X.XUIRCP: 0.7.7, Concordance query input field edition bug under Mac OS X 10.9.5

1166 BugTXM 0.7.7DémarrageRCP: 0.7.7, corpus backup failed

1586 BugTXM X.XSearchEngineRCP: 0.7.7, corpus name length limit

1243 BugTXM X.XSearchEngineRCP: 0.7.7, CQP error message on expression containing double quotes

1500 BugTXM 0.8.0ChartsRCP: 0.7.7, creating a progression chart with the same query multiple times throws an exception

1328 BugTXM X.XImportRCP: 0.7.7, Description displays nothing for corpus CORPUSCONTES

1479 BugTXM X.XEditionRCP: 0.7.7, Edition highlighting doesn't work as expected when loading next/previous texts

1790 FeatureTXM 0.7.8UI / EditorRCP: 0.7.7, empty editor at startup

1551 FeatureTXM X.XChartsRCP: 0.7.7, enhance graphical results end user post-editing or annotation

1244 BugTXM 0.8.0CommandsRCP: 0.7.7, Error in the hyperlink from index to concordance containing double quotes

1211 TaskTXM 0.7.7MacrosRCP: 0.7.7, Execution of Groovy script from contextual menu is broken

1777 BugTXM X.XLogsRCP: 0.7.7, file logging doesn't work on Mac OS X

1356 TaskTXM X.XUIRCP: 0.7.7, fix some text entries about specificities bar chart computing command

1249 BugTXM X.XImportRCP: 0.7.7, Import parameters interface, front XSL, a click on "Add parameter" causes the loss of the last modification in the path to the XSL file

1982 BugTXM 0.7.8UI / ImportRCP: 0.7.7, Import progression dialog content message

1285 BugTXM X.XImportRCP: 0.7.7, import wrong XML format/structure with the XML-TXM TEI importer leads to a crash of cwb-encode without any message

1313 BugTXM 0.8.2ImportRCP: 0.7.7, Impossible to import a corpus with some Unicode characters

1267 TaskTXM X.XDémarrageRCP: 0.7.7, improve the corpora restoration process during the first launch of TXM

1229 FeatureTXM X.XChartsRCP: 0.7.7, improve zooming/scaling behavior in JFC charts engine

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