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Toggle_check # Tracker Statut Priorité Sujet Assigné à Mis-à-jour Version observée Commande
2165 TaskNewNormalRCP: X.X, translate messages25/04/2017 15:58
2161 TaskNewNormalDisable or hide the Lexical Table command on Index created from a Corpus29/06/2018 12:40
2156 TaskNewNormalReorganize Lexicon functions into plug-in projects08/02/2019 09:25
2155 TaskIn ProgressNormalReorganize Synoptic Editor functions into plug-in projects08/02/2019 09:20
2149 TaskNewNormalImplement CorporaView results sorting21/12/2018 16:08
2097 TaskNewNormalImprove the delete TXM result process and pop up confirmation dialog29/06/2018 12:40
2091 TaskNewNormalRemove win32 32bit dll and exe files from builds05/09/2018 13:35
2087 TaskNewNormalAnalec unit fields view v318/04/2017 09:49
2083 TaskFeedbackNormalCheck how the PreferencesInitializer are managed in a non UI environment (to run TBX as standalone)25/10/2018 15:12
2067 TaskIn ProgressNormalMutualize and clarify the TXMEditor part, root of all editors25/10/2018 15:14
2063 TaskNewNormalManage most chart rendering color modes13/12/2018 15:37
2057 TaskFeedbackNormalExtract and move each external lib used in TXM to wrapper plug-ins project21/12/2018 15:43
2045 TaskIn ProgressNormalMutualize and clarify TXMResult, Function, TXMObject, HasResults25/10/2018 15:10
2036 TaskNewNormalCA, directly get the values from the CA class in FCAXYDataset rather than copy them in the data set at creation13/12/2018 15:14
2034 TaskFeedbackNormalRestore access to the pop up dialog of JFreeChart to edit chart rendering properties06/09/2018 13:19
2032 TaskNewNormalRCP: Add icons of the commands to their preferences page titles29/06/2018 12:45
2030 TaskNewNormalDynamically draw the current version to the splash screen08/02/2019 10:02
1984 TaskNewNormalRCP: X.X Replace the delete button icon with the eclipse delete button icon29/06/2018 12:40
1937 TaskNewNormalRCP: X.X, merge analec 1.5 source code with analec-beta and analec JADT source code22/11/2016 11:54
1934 TaskNewNormalRCP: X.X, Analec exploitation macros14/12/2017 09:43
1920 TaskNewNormalDOC: update TreeTagger installation path in online tutorial17/11/2016 11:03
1910 TaskNewNormalOriflamms extension, Add "Open XSL folder" command20/10/2016 18:10
1909 TaskNewNormalOriflamms extension, Publication20/10/2016 18:00
1908 TaskNewNormalGWT: X.X., Display a bar chart as a result of 'Dimensions' command on a partition20/10/2016 10:53
1907 TaskNewHighGWT: X.X., Add more details to Dimensions command result on corpus/subcorpus and rename ti 'Description'05/01/2017 15:31

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