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1464 TaskTXM 0.8.0a (split/restructuration)DevelopmentImprove TBX and RCP preferences mechanism

1106 FeatureTXM X.XExportImprove the "Show export result in the text editor" functionnality

2097 TaskTXM X.XUIImprove the delete TXM result process and pop up confirmation dialog

2767 TaskTXM X.XChartsImprove the dissociation between computing and rendering

2491 TaskTXM 0.8.2DevelopmentImprove the R and CQP initialization

2746 TaskTXM 0.8.2UIImprove the UI to block only concerned branch when launching heavy computing processes

2693 TaskTXM 0.8.2LogsImprove TXMResult deletion console log messages

2747 TaskTXM 0.8.2UIImprove user feedback in case of long computing or re-computing of a result from an Editor

2766 TaskTXM 0.8.2UpdateImproves the way the JRE is embedded

2704 BugTXM 0.8.2Stats / RIn some environments, on Windows, there might be a conflict between already installed R and TXM embedded R

2123 TaskTXM 0.8.0a (split/restructuration)DevelopmentIndex, default preferences

2151 TaskTXM 0.8.0a (split/restructuration)DevelopmentIndex, extract and move messages to plug-ins

310 TaskTXM X.XCommandsInfrastructure de stockage et partage des ressources linguistiques (Presto)

251 TaskTXM X.XCommandsInfrastructure de stockage et partage des ressources linguistiques (Presto)

1554 BugTXM 0.7.8ChartsJFC charts engine, SVG exported files can not be opened by some SVG viewer due of double character ";"

2545 BugTXM 0.8.2CommandsLexical Table user edition is not persisted

2730 FeatureTXM X.XCommandsLexical Table, add multiple properties parameters management

2485 FeatureTXM X.XChartsLexical Table, create a new Property command

2124 TaskTXM 0.8.0a (split/restructuration)DevelopmentLexical Table, default preferences

2152 TaskTXM 0.8.0a (split/restructuration)DevelopmentLexical Table, extract and move messages to plug-ins

2476 BugTXM 0.8.2CommandsLexical Table, having more than one row or column with same names is not compatible with Specificities, CA, etc. computing

2489 BugTXM 0.8.2UI / EditorLexical Table, popup alert to inform user that children results will be recomputed is not triggered after editing the result

2755 BugTXM 0.8.2UI / EditorLexical Table, sort is not used when editing an editor parameter

2490 BugTXM X.XUI / EditorLexical Table, sorting problems

2547 BugTXM 0.8.2UI / EditorLexical Table, Ubuntu 18.10, last column has wrong width by grabbing excess horizontal space

2186 BugTXM X.XUILexical Table, when changing data structure of the table, the description at the top of the editor is not updated

2188 TaskTXM 0.8.0a (split/restructuration)DevelopmentLexicon, default preferences

2405 TaskTXM 0.8.2UI / EditorLighten the CA and MultiPagesEditor system

996 FeatureTXM X.XChartsLink Progression chart with other command editors (synchronous and asynchronous)

2548 BugTXM X.XChartsLinux, focus bugs and conflict between the key events of AWT and SWT

2409 BugTXM 0.8.0ChartsLinux: Opening JFC Chart Properties crashes TXM/JVM

2843 BugTXM 0.8.2UpdateMac OS X, update, "Invalid cookie header" messages displayed

1199 BugTXM 0.8.0MacrosMacro <any macro>: parameters dialog box truncates widgets

1200 BugTXM X.XMessagesMacro <any macro>: update macro launching window title

1040 BugTXM X.XMacrosMacro CSV2XML: 'textColumnListTag' parameter name should be 'textTag'

1407 BugTXM 0.7.7MacrosMacro FacsEditionBuilder and EditionUpdater: compatibility with TXM 0.7.7

2810 FeatureTXM 0.8.2UI / MenuMacro main menu V1

2812 FeatureTXM 0.8.2UI / MenuMacro main menu V2 - user customization

1201 BugTXM X.XMacrosMacro TextTranscription2TRS: make output compatible with Transcriber

1198 BugTXM 0.7.7MacrosMacro TextTranscription2TRS: parameters dialog box doesn't display any parameter widget

2811 FeatureTXM 0.8.2UI / MenuMacro toolbar

285 FeatureTXM 0.8.0MacrosMacros: Add "SearchReplaceInDirectory.groovy" macro to the distribution package

2680 TaskTXM X.XDevelopmentManage an order of engines instead of a unique current engine selection

2063 TaskTXM X.XCharts / R port from JFCManage most chart rendering color modes

2062 TaskTXM 0.8.0ChartsManage most chart rendering color modes

2038 TaskTXM 0.8.0MessagesManage UTF-8 localization .properties files

2889 TaskTXM X.XImportManaging TreeTagger error during import process

2215 TaskTXM 0.8.0a (split/restructuration)DevelopmentMatch the commands menu and toolbar entries order from 0.7.9 UI to 0.8 UI

191 FeatureTXM X.XCommandsMatrice de cooccurrences mots-mots

1061 FeatureTXM X.XImportMB: teiHeader metadata

2857 BugTXM 0.8.2MediaMediaPlayer, MediaException: ERROR_MEDIA_INVALID: ERROR_MEDIA_INVALID

258 TaskTXM X.XUIMettre en valeur des éléments dans les concordances (Style)

2798 TaskTXM 0.8.2UI / Menumigrate sf page links to gitlab page links

2429 BugTXM 0.8.2DémarrageMove the load of the sample corporas to the Modal Dialog job thread

2056 TaskTXM 0.8.0a (split/restructuration)DevelopmentMutualize and clarify the result nodes tree hierarchy

2338 FeatureTXM X.XDevelopmentNightly plugins wellformdness tests

188 BugTXM X.XImportNo TreeTagger annotation in xml-txm

2674 TaskTXM X.XDiagnostic and optimizationOptimize CQPLexicon creation

252 TaskTXM X.XPreferencesOutils de lemmatisation

1688 FeatureTXM 0.7.8ChartsPartition dimensions chart, display tool tips data

1686 FeatureTXM 0.7.8ChartsPartition dimensions chart, highlight chart entity on selection

2428 TaskTXM X.XChartsPartition dimensions, add ascending order for part size sorting

1672 FeatureTXM 0.8.0ChartsPartition Dimensions, create a TXM object for result of type Partition Dimensions

486 BugTXM 0.8.2CommandsPartition Index, part columns don't sort properly.

2126 TaskTXM 0.8.0a (split/restructuration)DevelopmentPartition, default preferences

2451 FeatureTXM 0.8.2Persistence / LazyPersist concordance user modifications

2450 FeatureTXM 0.8.2Persistence / LazyPersist the user modifications done on a lexical table

2799 BugTXM 0.8.2StartupPrevious corpus directory size

1685 FeatureTXM X.XChartsProgression chart, change tool tips data V2

1161 FeatureTXM 0.7.8ChartsProgression chart, display tool tips data

1681 FeatureTXM 0.7.8ChartsProgression chart, highlight and display extra data area on chart entity selection

1710 BugTXM 0.8.2ChartsProgression chart, IndexOutOfBoundsException exception when a selected chart point has been deleted from a linked concordance

1670 FeatureTXM X.XChartsProgression chart, link selection with concordance (synchronous editor)

1690 FeatureTXM X.XChartsProgression chart, link selection with concordance (synchronous editor) V2

1671 BugTXM X.XChartsProgression chart, link selection with edition (synchronous editor)

1538 FeatureTXM 0.8.0ChartsProgression chart, send selection to index (hyperlink / asynchronous editor)

1768 BugTXM 0.8.0ChartsProgression chart, SVG exported file with JFC engine can not be open in Firefox or Inkscape

2281 BugTXM X.XChartsProgression on a sub-corpus : x-axis is defined by the corpus instead of sub-corpus

2732 BugTXM X.XChartsProgression on a sub-corpus, wrong T value using R charts engine (cumulative and density)

2470 FeatureTXM 0.8.0ChartsProgression, add return key shorcut to open a synchronous linked concordance

2527 BugTXM 0.8.2ChartsProgression, cumulative SVG chart leads to a stacktrace

2129 TaskTXM 0.8.0a (split/restructuration)DevelopmentProgression, default preferences

2153 TaskTXM 0.8.0a (split/restructuration)DevelopmentProgression, extract and move messages to plug-ins

2404 BugTXM 0.8.0ChartsProgression, having twice the same query leads to error

2504 FeatureTXM X.XChartsProgression, keep existing curves colors when removing a query

1539 FeatureTXM X.XChartsProgression, send selection to concordance (hyperlink / asynchronous editor)

1540 FeatureTXM X.XChartsProgression, send selection to cooccurrence (hyperlink / asynchronous editor)

2776 TaskTXM 0.8.2UI / ErgonomyPropertySelector dialog, better display word/structures properties difference and selected properties difference

189 TaskTXM 0.7.5Stats / RPublish textometrieR on CRAN

692 SupportTXM 0.7.8MacrosQB: Transcription document to Transcriber macro, Mac OS X, conversion fail

2401 BugTXM X.XChartsR charts engine with SVG output format can crash if some parameters are changed to quickly

2507 BugTXM X.XCharts / R port from JFCR partition dimensions bar chart, some strings does not fit the the chart area

2881 BugTXM 0.8.2Stats / RR perspective, R package installation broken

2142 TaskTXM 0.8.0a (split/restructuration)DevelopmentR stats engine, default preferences

2158 TaskTXM 0.8.0a (split/restructuration)DevelopmentR, extract and move messages to plug-ins

2777 BugTXM 0.8.2Stats / RR, Mac OS X, TXM can't start RServe if it is not installed in /Applications

2387 TaskTXM X.XStats / RR: textometry package metadata update

299 BugTXM X.XImportRCP 0.7.2, Import, corpus compilation fails on 5M token TEI-BFM corpus

1587 BugTXM 0.7.8ImportRCP 0.7.7, clitics tokenisation

2374 BugTXM 0.8.0ImportRCP 0.7.9: rename XTZ-CSV import module to XML-TEI Zero+CSV

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