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2011 BugUIRCP: X.X, enable Analec commands for subcorpus as wellNew

2010 BugUIRCP: X.X, MacOSX, Swing file dialog can't be openedNew

2007 FeatureUI / MenuRCP: X.X, move Analec import menu entries to File > Import menuNew

2006 BugUI / ParametersRCP: X.X, default selected type unitNew

2005 BugUI / ParametersRCP: X.X, Import XML-TEI Analec, default parametersNew

1997 BugUIRCP: X.X, fix units list identifier field widthNew

1996 FeatureAnnotationRCP: X.X, not saved Analec annotations corpus name asterisco New

1995 BugAnnotationRCP: X.X, "Selection is not structured : null" while opening EditionNew

1994 BugUIRCP: X.X, units annotation toolbar list widgetNew

1993 BugAnnotationRCP: X.X, unit annotation toolbar identifier display is brokenNew

1992 FeatureLogsRCP: X.X, new message scenario, modal alert dialogNew

1991 FeatureUIRCP: X.X, fix edition annotation mode button scenarioNew

1990 FeatureRCP: X.X, Contextualize Analec extension commands accessNew

1987 FeatureAnnotationAnalec unit fields view v2New

1985 FeatureAnnotationRCP: X.X, add units navigation buttons in the Unit view, similar to edition pages navigation buttonsNew

1981 BugAnnotationRCP: X.X, Use Eclipse editor dirty mechanism to prompt for annotation saveNew

1939 BugAnnotationRCP: 0.7.8, Windows selection right limit is wrongNew

1938 BugRCP: X.X, Validate Analec integration and scalability testsIn Progress

1936 FeatureMacrosRCP: X.X, Analec annotations creation macros using CQL patternsNew

1935 FeatureAnnotationRCP: X.X, Analec annotations creation macrosNew

1934 TaskMacrosRCP: X.X, Analec exploitation macrosNew

1930 FeatureMacrosRCP: X.X, First Analec mesure macrosNew

1929 FeatureUpdateUpdate Analec mesure macro with an Analec updateNew

1897 BugUIRCP: X.X, small interface fixesNew

1895 FeatureUIRCP: X.X, analec copy unit toolbar buttonNew

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