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Toggle_check # Status Tracker Category Priority Subject % Done
1538 ClosedFeatureChartsNormalProgression chart, send selection to index (hyperlink / asynchronous editor)

1668 ClosedBugChartsNormalRCP: FCA, if editor area is splitted, when closing a sub-area, the square constraint of CA chart leads to a null exception

1672 ClosedFeatureChartsNormalPartition Dimensions, create a TXM object for result of type Partition Dimensions

1674 RejectedTaskChartsNormalClear the selection of chart entities when mouse clicking in an empty area

1732 ClosedBugChartsNormalCA chart, extended mouse items selection doesn't work as expected

1766 RejectedFeatureChartsNormalRCP: CA charts, better visibility of the selected lines of the cols/rows information tables

1861 ClosedTaskDevelopmentNormalReorganize Wordcloud functions into plug-in projects

1827 RejectedBugCommandsNormalRCP: 0.7.8, Concordance fails to display result

1960 ClosedBugChartsNormalRCP: 0.7.8, error while displaying partition dimensions, MAC OS X 10.6

2003 ClosedTaskChartsNormalEnhance multiple charts engines cohabitation

2033 ClosedFeatureChartsNormalCA, add show/hide points preference

2034 ClosedTaskChartsNormalRestore access to the pop up dialog of JFreeChart to edit chart rendering properties

2038 ClosedTaskMessagesNormalManage UTF-8 localization .properties files

2054 ClosedBugUINormalRCP: 0.7.8, created lexical table from Index is not shown in the corpora view

2056 ClosedTaskDevelopmentNormalMutualize and clarify the result nodes tree hierarchy

2058 ClosedBugUINormalSelecting a node result with keyboard does not change the status bar text

2060 ClosedTaskChartsNormalExtract the R charts color palettes and share them with all charts engine implementations.

2061 ClosedFeatureChartsNormalSpecificities bar chart, add "group bars by line / transpose" button

2062 ClosedTaskChartsNormalManage most chart rendering color modes

2066 RejectedFeatureChartsNormalStore the zoom/scaling factor and pan coordinates to reopen a closed chart editor keeping its last state (in same TXM session)

2074 ClosedFeatureChartsNormalAdd a base font preference and default base font preference for chart rendering

2085 ClosedTaskDevelopmentNormalRCP: Mutualize Adapter and AdapterFactory to use TXMResult

2100 ClosedTaskDevelopmentNormalTXMResult and TXMEditor hierarchy, modify Partition Dimensions related classes to use the new hierarchy

2101 ClosedTaskDevelopmentNormalTXMResult hierarchy, modify Partition related classes to use the new hierarchy

2102 ClosedTaskDevelopmentNormalTXMResult and TXMEditor hierarchy, modify Index related classes to use the new hierarchy

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