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1668 ClosedBugChartsNormalRCP: FCA, if editor area is splitted, when closing a sub-area, the square constraint of CA chart leads to a null exception

1672 ClosedFeatureChartsNormalPartition Dimensions, create a TXM object for result of type Partition Dimensions

1673 ClosedFeatureChartsNormalRCP: Progression, add an export\chart functionality in tree node contextual menu and global tool bar

1674 RejectedTaskChartsNormalClear the selection of chart entities when mouse clicking in an empty area

1683 RejectedFeatureChartsNormalCA chart, highlight and display extra data area on chart entity selection V2

1710 ClosedBugChartsNormalProgression chart, IndexOutOfBoundsException exception when a selected chart point has been deleted from a linked concordance

1732 ClosedBugChartsNormalCA chart, extended mouse items selection doesn't work as expected

1766 RejectedFeatureChartsNormalRCP: CA charts, better visibility of the selected lines of the cols/rows information tables

1960 ClosedBugChartsNormalRCP: 0.7.8, error while displaying partition dimensions, MAC OS X 10.6

2003 ClosedTaskChartsNormalEnhance multiple charts engines cohabitation

2033 ClosedFeatureChartsNormalCA, add show/hide points preference

2034 ClosedTaskChartsNormalRestore access to the pop up dialog of JFreeChart to edit chart rendering properties

2060 ClosedTaskChartsNormalExtract the R charts color palettes and share them with all charts engine implementations.

2061 ClosedFeatureChartsNormalSpecificities bar chart, add "group bars by line / transpose" button

2062 ClosedTaskChartsNormalManage most chart rendering color modes

2066 RejectedFeatureChartsNormalStore the zoom/scaling factor and pan coordinates to reopen a closed chart editor keeping its last state (in same TXM session)

2074 ClosedFeatureChartsNormalAdd a base font preference and default base font preference for chart rendering

2120 ClosedTaskChartsNormalCA, extract all the UI related code in CAEditorInput and move it to CAEditor

2342 ClosedTaskChartsNormalCharts engine, set/fix default font preference

2404 ClosedBugChartsNormalProgression, having twice the same query leads to error

2519 ClosedBugChartsNormalRCP: 0.8.0, macosx, scaling with trackpad scrolling

2470 ClosedFeatureChartsNormalProgression, add return key shorcut to open a synchronous linked concordance

2482 ClosedBugChartsNormalThe charts engine global preference "Default export format" doesn't work anymore

2527 RejectedBugChartsNormalProgression, cumulative SVG chart leads to a stacktrace

2568 ClosedBugChartsNormalDefined grids of charts are not managed anymore, the default ones are used except for the FCA

2570 ClosedTaskChartsNormalUse gray color rather than black for charts that have only one series in grayscale mode

2634 ClosedBugChartsNormalWhen cloning a CA, the Eigenvalues bar chart is empty in the cloned CA Editor

991 ClosedBugCharts / R port from JFCNormalRCP: 0.7.6, Progression, the grayscale preference in charts engine creates some monochrome charts instead of grayscale charts

992 ClosedBugCharts / R port from JFCNormalRCP: 0.7.6, Specificities, the grayscale preference in R charts engine creates a black monochrome chart instead of a grayscale chart

486 NewBugCommandsNormalPartition Index, part columns don't sort properly.

770 NewFeatureCommandsNormalRCP: X.X, optimize concordance object memory footprint

2476 NewBugCommandsNormalLexical Table, having more than one row or column with same names is not compatible with Specificities, CA, etc. computing

1215 RejectedBugCommandsNormalRCP: 0.7.7, specificities result opens an empty editor

2411 NewBugCommandsNormalCooccurrence, "tc" value seems to always be equal to 0 info parameters area

2468 NewBugCommandsNormalRCP: 0.7.9, FCA broken on 7M words corpus / 79 texts partition

2545 NewBugCommandsNormalLexical Table user edition is not persisted

2626 NewBugCommandsNormalRCP: 0.8.0, subcorpus specificities broken when intermediate lexical table is displayed

1831 NewFeatureCommandsNormalRCP: Palafra, corpus recode must use regular expression and mode option

1344 NewBugCommandsNormalRCP: 0.7.6, T and t values mismatch between sub-corpus and partition with two parts for Specificity

1495 NewBugCommandsNormalTBX: 0.7.7, Description, display ordered property values

1504 NewBugCommandsNormalTBX: X.X, description command no attribute structures not displayed

2015 NewBugCommandsNormalRCP: 0.7.8, broken lexical properties in Description command applied to Subcorpus

2044 NewFeatureCommandsNormalRCP: 0.7.8: re-use corpus description editors with Description command

2636 NewFeatureCommandsNormalRCP: X.X, Properties command on corpus, move general information to general tab

2486 NewBugCommandsNormalConcordance, the sort is lost when reopening the editor

2559 NewFeatureCommandsNormalRCP, X.X, improve cooccurrence to concordance link

2572 NewBugCommandsNormalRCP: 0.8.0, specificiies editor columns

2605 NewBugCommandsNormalRCP: 0.8.0, subcorpus specificities

2611 NewBugCommandsNormalRCP: 0.8.0: '"A" "B"' queries are broken by the query fix

2643 NewFeatureCommandsNormalRCP: X.X, BackToMedia URL access

2646 NewFeatureCommandsNormalRCP: X.X, Clone TXMResult

2662 NewBugCommandsNormalRCP: 0.8.0, Cooccurrences right distance broken on multi position pivot

2711 NewFeatureCommandsNormalRCP: 0.8.0, specificities export, avoid repeated column names

2713 NewBugCommandsNormalTXM: 0.7.6, warning when building a partition with empty parts

2794 NewBugCommandsNormalLexicalTable, broken vmax parameter

2826 NewBugCommandsNormalSpecificity, subcorpus, failure on computing

174 ClosedBugCommandsNormalDimension of a partition

959 RejectedFeatureCommandsNormalRCP: X.X, simplification of commands implementation

1244 ClosedBugCommandsNormalRCP: 0.7.7, Error in the hyperlink from index to concordance containing double quotes

1342 ClosedBugCommandsNormalRCP: 0.7.6, two lexical table lines with a same label (word form) crashes Specificity method

1382 ClosedBugCommandsNormalTBX: 0.7.7, the region macro length limit

1448 ClosedFeatureCommandsNormalRCP: 0.7.7, Lexicon results link to Cooccurrence command

1680 ClosedBugCommandsNormalTBX: X.X, corpus export command doesn't include sub-corpus and partitions created during the current TXM session

1827 RejectedBugCommandsNormalRCP: 0.7.8, Concordance fails to display result

2199 ClosedBugCommandsNormalRCP: 0.7.8, broken link from Concordance result to Cooccurrences

2635 ClosedBugCommandsNormalCloning org.txm.properties.core.functions.Properties object leads to null pointer exception

2390 FeedbackBugCommands / ExportNormalRCP: 0.7.9, wrong CSV header in the lexical table export

2026 NewTaskCorpusNormalSubcorpus dialog enhancement

2645 NewFeatureCorpusNormalRCP: X.X, TXMResult description parameter

2619 NewFeatureCorpusNormalRCP: X.X, media preferences edition

2784 NewBugCorpusNormalBinary corpus load failed on TXM 0.7.9 corpus

2775 NewBugCorpusNormalConcordance, limit query broken on multi structures set

2779 NewTaskCorpusNormalStructured Subcorpus query optimisation

2030 NewTaskDémarrageNormalDynamically draw the current version to the splash screen

2429 NewBugDémarrageNormalMove the load of the sample corporas to the Modal Dialog job thread

2726 NewBugDémarrageNormalRCP: 0.8.0, stacktrace when opening welcome page without network

2508 NewTaskDevelopmentNormalImprove and clean org.txm.rcp.utils.JobHandler

2149 NewTaskDevelopmentNormalImplement CorporaView results sorting

2216 NewTaskDevelopmentNormalCheck and/or define the vendor of each TXM plug-in

2491 NewTaskDevelopmentNormalImprove the R and CQP initialization

2666 NewTaskDevelopmentNormalRCP: 0.8.0, TokenizerClasses class cleanning

2738 NewTaskDevelopmentNormalImprove JavaFX libraries integration in TXM

2464 In ProgressTaskDevelopmentNormalfinish the development of Partition Index and Partition Index Editor

2225 NewTaskDevelopmentNormalAdd loaders and/or root paths of all installed bundles in Execute Groovy commands (macro, scripts and import)

1333 NewTaskDevelopmentNormalFind a way to not include and link the TBX project binaries to itself

2444 NewTaskDevelopmentNormalChange the import.xml data system for the .prefs RCP scope persistence system

2445 NewTaskDevelopmentNormalCreate functionality to convert corpus from 0.7.9 format to 0.8 format

2698 FeedbackTaskDevelopmentNormalRCP: X.X, JavaFX libraries

690 ClosedTaskDevelopmentNormalReorganize TXM source code to better match the RCP development plug-ins system.

2113 ClosedTaskDevelopmentNormalUse the new TXMResult and TXMEditor hierarchy and centralization

1464 ClosedTaskDevelopmentNormalImprove TBX and RCP preferences mechanism

1861 ClosedTaskDevelopmentNormalReorganize Wordcloud functions into plug-in projects

2045 ClosedTaskDevelopmentNormalMutualize and clarify TXMResult, Function, TXMObject, HasResults

2056 ClosedTaskDevelopmentNormalMutualize and clarify the result nodes tree hierarchy

2067 ClosedTaskDevelopmentNormalMutualize and clarify the TXMEditor part, root of all editors

2085 ClosedTaskDevelopmentNormalRCP: Mutualize Adapter and AdapterFactory to use TXMResult

2100 ClosedTaskDevelopmentNormalTXMResult and TXMEditor hierarchy, modify Partition Dimensions related classes to use the new hierarchy

2101 ClosedTaskDevelopmentNormalTXMResult hierarchy, modify Partition related classes to use the new hierarchy

2102 ClosedTaskDevelopmentNormalTXMResult and TXMEditor hierarchy, modify Index related classes to use the new hierarchy

2103 ClosedTaskDevelopmentNormalTXMResult and TXMEditor hierarchy, modify Concordance related classes to use the new hierarchy

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