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2167 NewFeatureStats / RNormalCaches on Java side some R data values

2560 NewBugStats / RNormalRCP: 0.8.0, lexical table sort when lines are merged

2785 NewBugStats / RNormalWindows, can't run multiple instances of TXM

2777 NewBugStats / RNormalR, Mac OS X, TXM can't start RServe if it is not installed in /Applications

2772 NewBugStats / RNormalCA, empty column in lexical table

2752 NewBugStats / RNormalRCP: 0.8.0, R error startup messages

2761 NewBugStats / RNormal0.8.0, restore R variables view

2791 NewBugStats / RNormalWindows, R process is not stopped when TXM is stopped

2788 NewBugStats / RNormalR post-installation messages

2770 NewBugStats / RNormalR and libpng12-0 dependency

2512 NewFeatureStartupNormalRCP: X.X, add a pop up dialog at first launch to ask to the user if he wants or not import corpora of an older TXM version

2656 NewFeatureStartupNormalRCP: X.X, Hide Windows start up dos window

2681 NewBugStartupNormalRemove MaxPermSize=256m VM arg from Window product

2799 NewBugStartupNormalPrevious corpus directory size

2509 FeedbackFeatureStartupNormalRCP: X.X, add a pop up dialog at first launch to ask to the user if he wants or not import corpora of an older TXM version

2553 NewBugSetupHighRCP: 0.8.0, homogenize localized UI strings management (ru)

1478 RejectedBugSetupNormalRCP: 0.7.7, Avoid user to run TXM from the Program Files diretory

2244 NewBugSetupNormalRCP: 0.7.8, Ubuntu dock launcher icon starts TXM with the wrong .txm directory

2181 NewBugSetupNormalRCP: 0.7.8 Linux, direct crash on various CQP access

2487 NewTaskSetupNormalEnhance production of multi-target setups

2513 NewFeatureSetupNormalRCP: X.X, port TXM home directory choice to Linux and Mac OS X

2529 NewTaskSetupNormalRCP: 0.8.0, alpha, beta and stable setups must uninstall the other alpha, beta or stable versions

2538 NewBugSetupNormalRCP: 0.8.0, antivirus compatibility on Windows

2552 NewFeatureSetupNormalRCP: X.X, Improve Ubuntu launcher access

2851 NewTaskSetupNormalSetups, simplify subversion of install directories and packages name

2723 NewBugSetupNormalDuplicated directories and files in setups and updates built bundles

2725 NewTaskSetupNormalChange the way the JRE is embedded in TXM

2803 NewTaskSetupNormalfinalizing URLs

2845 NewTaskSetupNormalSetup, Ubuntu 20.04, prepare TXM 0.8.1 to be fully compatible with Ubuntu 20.04 debian packages

2176 NewBugSetupUrgentTBX: 0.7.8, CQP unavailable with TXM 0.7.8 Linux64 installer

2790 NewBugSetupNormalUpdates not working, update can't replace some plugins

2692 NewBugSetupNormalRCP: 0.8.0, Remove date from Windows installation directory name

2694 FeedbackTaskSetupNormalRCP: 0.8.0, set Debian package architecture

2796 NewBugSetupNormalWindows, update, erase TXM.bat with the wrong one

2800 NewBugSetupNormalWindows, corpus recovery dialog not shown

2831 NewTaskSetupNormalSetup, Ubuntu 20.04, prepare TXM 0.8.1 to be compatible with Ubuntu 20.04 debian packages

2820 NewTaskSetupNormalSetup, windows, uninstall prompt must show the TXM version to be uninstalled

2824 NewBugSetupNormal0.8.1, Linux, unsintallation not complete

2830 NewBugSetupNormalMac OS X, setup, Rprofile file trying to load the textometrieR package

2869 NewBugSearchEngineNormalTIGERSearch, managing directories containing accents

2227 NewBugSearchEngineNormalRCP: 0.7.8, Unescaped special characters in the CQL expression generated from index

2452 NewFeaturePreferencesNormalAdd a preference to set the CQP matching strategy

2672 NewFeaturePreferencesNormalRCP: X.X, disable workspace auto-build preference

937 RejectedBugPluginsNormalMediaPlayer: impossible to run under Windows or Mac OS X

2749 NewBugPersistence / LazyHighDuring initialization from deserialization (lazy loading), results that need to fill their parameters from their parent can't if the parent is not ready

2450 NewFeaturePersistence / LazyNormalPersist the user modifications done on a lexical table

2451 NewFeaturePersistence / LazyNormalPersist concordance user modifications

2534 NewBugPersistence / LazyNormalWindows, Corpus deletion problem if some files are in use

2686 FeedbackBugPersistence / LazyNormalWhen setting a result to non persistent, its parent may be hidden and never be deleted

2685 NewBugPersistence / LazyUrgentRCP: 0.8.0, finalize lazy loading of TXMResult children

2682 FeedbackBugPersistence / LazyUrgentEditor results computing executed with not computed parents branch or too long process may lead to display wrong data in editor

2683 NewBugPersistence / LazyUrgentParts creation from a lazy loaded Partition seems to execute some actions twice

2735 FeedbackBugPersistence / LazyHighAuto-save preference is broken

2403 ClosedBugPersistence / LazyHighResults .prefs files are flushed at TXM exit even if the "autosave" preference is disabled

2677 ClosedBugPersistence / LazyNormalInfinite loop at TXM starting when deserializing a CA .prefs

2718 NewTaskMessagesNormalFinalize the start and done computing messages of subcorpus computing

2805 RejectedBugMessagesNormalstacktrace on "unable to find valid certification path to requested target"

2865 NewTaskMessagesNormalBackToText, no edition messages

2867 NewTaskMessagesNormalConsoleProgressBar, format

2573 NewTaskMessagesNormalFinalize the start and done computing messages of results

2719 FeedbackTaskMessagesNormalFinalize the start and done computing messages of properties command

2720 FeedbackTaskMessagesNormalFinalize the start and done computing messages of edition opening

2038 ClosedTaskMessagesNormalManage UTF-8 localization .properties files

2782 NewBugMediaNormalBack-to-media, 0.8.1, Sample TRS corpus, link to media broken

2857 NewBugMediaNormalMediaPlayer, MediaException: ERROR_MEDIA_INVALID: ERROR_MEDIA_INVALID

2739 NewFeatureMediaNormalRCP: X.X, Replace VLC player with JFX player

2716 NewBugMacrosNormalRCP: X.X, pre-compile Groovy scripts

285 NewFeatureMacrosNormalMacros: Add "SearchReplaceInDirectory.groovy" macro to the distribution package

1199 NewBugMacrosNormalMacro <any macro>: parameters dialog box truncates widgets

1449 NewBugMacrosNormalRCP: 0.7.7, macro execution timing must exclude parameters input timing

2068 FeedbackBugMacrosNormalRCP: X.X, missing "results" directory with PlotSpecif macro

2778 NewBugMacrosNormalMacro parameter file wrong location

2814 NewBugMacrosNormalTableReader utils broken on ODS files

2693 NewTaskLogsNormalImprove TXMResult deletion console log messages

2751 NewBugLogsNormalSome RCP platform errors are not shown in TXM

2696 NewTaskLogsNormalImprove TXMResult delete confirmation pop up window messages

1313 NewBugImportUrgentRCP: 0.7.7, Impossible to import a corpus with some Unicode characters

1510 NewBugImportUrgentTBX: 0.7.7, conflicts between default automatic word properties names and incorrect edition word tooltips in XML/w+CSV

2059 NewBugImportUrgentRCP: 0.7.8, fix pre-encoded word properties in XML/w+CSV

2086 NewBugImportUrgentRCP: X.X, manage BOM

2250 NewBugImportUrgentRCP: X.X, The end of a word after a page break is not highlighted with back to text from concordance

2258 NewBugImportUrgentRCP: 0.7.8, XMLW and XTZ import modules, line breaks trimmed causing tokenization errors

2364 NewBugImportUrgentTBX: 0.7.9, build word IDs if not present in w tags for back-to-text when not tokenizing

2280 NewBugImportHighRCP: 0.7.8, missing TreeTagger french tokenisation rules

2892 NewBugImportHighImport wrong 'noname' empty columns in metadata.ods

828 ClosedFeatureImportNormalRCP: x.x, Macro XTZEditionBuilder

829 ClosedFeatureImportNormalRCP: x.x, Macro FacsEditionBuilder

1288 ClosedFeatureImportNormalTBX: X.X, XTZImporter macro

1304 ClosedBugImportNormalTBX: x.x, font import parameter should be used for editions

2856 NewTaskImportNormalXTZ import, remove or lighten TEI constraints

1798 NewBugImportNormalTBX: 0.7.8, XTZ word properties update

1979 NewBugImportNormalRCP: X.X, parts order in partition

2211 ClosedFeatureImportNormalGestion des CSS module d'import Presse-Papier

2185 NewBugImportNormalRCP: 0.7.9, Lexical Table, merged lines naming can lead to a bug when reimporting a table

2252 NewBugImportNormalRCP: 0.7.8, XML/w import module, creating text identifiers fails when the root <TEI> element does not contain a <text> child

2373 NewBugImportNormalRCP: 0.7.9, XTZ + CSV import module: error in page indexing if source file name contains the "_" character

2517 NewBugImportNormalRCP: 0.7.9, give useful information in the console when "disk full" error occurs during import modules

2495 NewBugImportNormalRCP: 0.8.0, Orphans RCP project directories/files when canceling an import

2520 NewBugImportNormalRCP: 0.7.9, CQP recursive structures management in conflict with some structure names given in sources, for all XML based import modules

2580 NewBugImportNormalRCP: 0.8.0, XSLX metadata file and numeric values

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