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2283 FeatureTXM X.XCommandsRCP: X.X, Partition Properties command enhancements

2279 FeatureTXM X.XSetupRCP: X.X, restore TXM configuration at setup

2278 FeatureTXM X.XUI / EditorRCP: X.X, manage which editors to re-open at startup

2277 FeatureTXM X.XUIRCP: X.X, Internet Explorer upgrade message

2275 FeatureTXM X.XMacrosTBX: 0.7.8: TextTranscription2TRS macro, add media file name into TRS header

2273 FeatureTXM X.XCommandsRCP: 0.7.8, add corpus position display in Concordance & Reference commands

2256 FeatureTXM X.XImportRCP: X.X, new import directories policy and import form parameters

2255 FeatureTXM X.XEditionRCP: 0.7.8, all import modules, customize CSS by MYCORPUS.css file in source directory

2254 FeatureTXM X.XImportRCP: X.X, je produis une page HTML de base lisible par les gentils êtres humains

2253 BugTXM X.XImportRCP: 0.7.8, XML/w and XTZ import module, newline in attribute values breaks word indexes

2249 TaskTXM X.XMessagesRCP: 0.7.9, Strings translation

2247 TaskTXM X.XSetupRCP: X.X, third party and libraries credits

2245 BugTXM X.XStartupRCP: 0.7.8, start.groovy execution thread

2241 BugTXM X.XCorpusRCP: 0.7.7, new corpus architecture and update during TXM installation or TXM update

2240 BugTXM X.XMacrosRCP: X.X, macro parameters tunning

2239 BugTXM X.XCommandsRCP: 0.7.8, Information wrong structures number

2236 FeatureTXM X.XCorpusRCP: X.X, Maximum number of saved queries per corpus option

2235 FeatureTXM X.XCommandsRCP: X.X: concordance sampling option

2234 FeatureTXM X.XLogsRCP: X.X, Logs access&display refinement

2232 TaskTXM X.XDocumentationDOC: previously supported OS versions installation hints

2228 BugTXM X.XImportRCP: 0.7.8, XTZ import module, XSLT editions fail on source files containing dots in names

2224 FeatureTXM X.XSetupRCP: X.X, Restore locale configuration after TXM installation

2223 FeatureTXM X.XSetupRCP: X.X, sign TXM for authenticity and integrity with certified hash key

2220 BugTXM X.XImportTBX: 0.7.8, XTZ import, "out-of text-to-edit" elements tokenised and indexed if an OTTO elements contains sub-elements

2218 TaskTXM X.XChartsUpgrade or change charts PDF export library

2213 FeatureTXM X.XImportChoix de CSS lors du lancement de certains modules d'import

2212 FeatureTXM X.XImportRCP: X.X, Gestion des CSS du module d'import Presse-Papier

2208 BugTXM X.XImportXTZ Import, fail to apply xsl\4-edition\1-default-html.xsl

2207 BugTXM X.XEditionXTZ Import, HTML editions various bugs

2206 TaskTXM X.XImportXTZ Import, add an option to name the build edition (and the facs edition?)

2204 TaskTXM X.XImportXTZ Import, add an help text to explain the directory structure that must have the "Build "facs" edition" function

2203 FeatureTXM X.XEditionAdd the possiblity to define the default synoptic editions columns order

2200 BugTXM X.XStats / RRCP: 0.7.8, broken Cooccurrences word properties parameter

2190 FeatureTXM X.XImportRCP: X.X, verify XTZ import white space management

2186 BugTXM X.XUILexical Table, when changing data structure of the table, the description at the top of the editor is not updated

2184 BugTXM X.XImportRCP: 0.7.8, XTZ import module tokenizer inserts linebreaks before each tag

2183 FeatureTXM X.XStartupRCP: X.X, Show extension versions at startup

2182 BugTXM X.XStats / RRCP: 0.7.8, Rserve launch process

2179 FeatureTXM X.XEditionTBX: 0.7.9, cache remote images for facs editions reading

2177 BugTXM X.XPluginsRCP: 0.7.8, plugin names

2174 BugTXM X.XImportRCP: 0.7.8, (update 201704201625) XML/w + CSV, XML TEI BFM, etc. import modules broken

2162 FeatureTXM X.XImportRCP: X.X, line management options of XML-XTZ import

2161 TaskTXM X.XUIDisable or hide the Lexical Table command on Index created from a Corpus

2157 BugTXM X.XImportTBX: 0.7.8, XTZ import, import fails if TreeTagger is not configured correctly if Annotate box is checked

2145 FeatureTXM X.XEditionRCP: X.X, manage non-breakable-space before double punctuation for French text rendering

2144 BugTXM X.XImportRCP: X.X, use last dot (.) for file extension

2121 FeatureTXM X.XUICorpora view, tree result nodes sorting options

2119 FeatureTXM X.XChartsAdd functionality to modify visual parameters of the current chat items selection

2098 BugTXM X.XImportTBX: 0.7.8, XTZ import, <num> and <w> tags indexed even if they are located in an element declared in the 'out-of text-to-edit' plan

2097 TaskTXM X.XUIImprove the delete TXM result process and pop up confirmation dialog

2096 BugTXM X.XImportRCP: 0.7.8, ODT/DOC/RTF + CSV import module breaks on source file name containing special characters (blanks?)

2095 BugTXM X.XPluginsRCP: 0.7.8, XML-editor-extension broken parser

2091 TaskTXM X.XSetupRemove win32 32bit dll and exe files from builds

2089 FeatureTXM X.XCharts / R port from JFCImplement an R chart creator for Texts Balance extension

2083 TaskTXM X.XDevelopmentCheck how the PreferencesInitializer are managed in a non UI environment (to run TBX as standalone)

2075 BugTXM X.XChartsChart texts are not readable and too small on Mac high resolution Retina screens

2072 FeatureTXM X.XMacrosRCP : X.X, Non interactive macro execution mode

2071 BugTXM X.XUIRCP: X.X, Lexical table command on Index

2070 BugTXM X.XSearchEngineRCP: X.X, CQL syntatic sugar processor error

2069 FeatureTXM X.XUIRCP: X.X, editor parameters reset button

2063 TaskTXM X.XCharts / R port from JFCManage most chart rendering color modes

2057 TaskTXM X.XDevelopmentExtract and move each external lib used in TXM to wrapper plug-ins project

2055 BugTXM X.XUIRCP: 0.7.8, Index tab not activated after a java chart has been computed

2053 BugTXM X.XImportRCP: 0.7.8, XTZ import module, default edition build fails on some corpora

2052 FeatureTXM X.XCommandsRCP: X.X, cooccurrence command, cooccurents selection with CQP pattern

2050 FeatureTXM X.XImportRCP: X.X, improve XTZ import module

2039 FeatureTXM X.XToolboxRCP: X.X, Index to Lexical Table third margin option (reference corpus size defined by a CQL query)

2032 TaskTXM X.XPreferencesRCP: Add icons of the commands to their preferences page titles

2031 FeatureTXM X.XPreferencesAdd an advanced preference page to manage the TXM startup command line (modifying TXM.ini)

2028 FeatureTXM X.XEditionRCP: X.X, multi-page and multi-facette edition

2027 FeatureTXM X.XCommandsRCP: X.X, Concordance view corpus parameters

2024 FeatureTXM X.XMacrosRCP: X.X, Nullax Macro

2020 FeatureTXM X.XExportRCP: X.X, Export command, description edit parameter

2009 FeatureTXM X.XImportTBX: X.X, add line number to concordance default reference for TXT based import modules

2008 FeatureTXM X.XImportRCP: X.X, add TXT Pager typesetting rules to CWB/CQP import module

2002 FeatureTXM X.XLogsRCP: X.X, log message patterns

2001 BugTXM X.XEditionRCP: 0.7.8, fix XTZ out-of-text processing schedule

2000 BugTXM X.XEditionRCP: 0.7.8, out of page footnotes content

1999 FeatureTXM X.XEditionRCP: X.X, add a marginalia editing pattern to XTZ Pager

1988 FeatureTXM X.XUIRCP: X.X, query assistant dialog, enhancements

1984 TaskTXM X.XUIRCP: X.X Replace the delete button icon with the eclipse delete button icon

1983 FeatureTXM X.XImportRCP: X.X, add PDF+CSV import module

1980 FeatureTXM X.XStartupTBX: X.X, call startup.groovy when restarting engines

1977 FeatureTXM X.XUI / ParametersRCP: X.X, move word property selection from dialog box to result editor

1970 FeatureTXM X.XSetupRCP: X.X, Windows Setup and OS architecture detection

1969 FeatureTXM X.XExportRCP: 0.7.8, update export preferences

1963 SupportTXM X.XImportEJ: TXT+CSV import bug with TXM 0.7.7

1962 BugTXM X.XDocumentationRCP: 0.7.8, help / online help broken

1959 BugTXM X.XMacrosRCP: 0.7.8, Error while calling CQL macro

1958 BugTXM X.XImportRCP: 0.7.8, XTZ Pager step tune

1953 BugTXM X.XUpdateRCP: 0.7.7, Update fail with Timeout exception

1949 FeatureTXM X.XImportRCP: X.X, XTZ import, HTML element @class scheme

1946 BugTXM X.XEditionRCP: 0.7.8, convert all @rend to @class in all Pager

1943 BugTXM X.XToolboxRCP: X.X, change "user.home" management

1942 BugTXM X.XCommandsRCP: 0.7.8, keep concordance viewport atfer line deletion

1932 FeatureTXM X.XMacrosRCP: X.X, automatically transfert macro binding to another macro

1931 FeatureTXM X.XSetupRCP: X.X, TXM post-installation when user.home is pointing a wrong directory

1921 BugTXM X.XSetupRCP: 0.7.7, change the TreeTagger installation directory path preference default value

1919 BugTXM X.XMacrosRCP: 0.7.8, add 'unkown widget type' error message in macro input parameters form dialog box management

1917 FeatureTXM X.XCommandsRCP: X.X, TXM commands behavior of targeted Subcorpus

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