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814 TaskTXM 0.8.0ChartsRCP: 0.7.6, match the zoom and pan user entries of SVG Batik editor to JFC chart editor

818 FeatureTXM 0.8.0ChartsRCP: 0.7.6, Charts, manage "Grayscale", "Black & White" and/or "Monochrome" rendering modes for some charts

819 TaskTXM 0.8.0ChartsRCP: 0.7.6, Charts, remove old charts generating and test code when the 0.7.6 will be validated

867 TaskTXM 0.7.6ChartsRCP: 0.7.5, replace strings "Singular value(s)" with "Eigenvalue(s)" in charts and editors

872 BugTXM 0.8.0ChartsRCP: 0.7.6, Mac OS X, the right mouse click pan doesn't work in chart editors

941 TaskTXM 0.7.6ChartsRCP: 0.7.6, Progression charts, rotate the part marker labels of 90 degrees and improvechart title

1051 BugTXM X.XChartsRCP: 0.7.6, CA chart title display the string "null" as corpus name

1052 BugTXM 0.7.7ChartsRCP: 0.7.6, Progression Java graphic for subcorpus, X-axis starts on the 1st word of the corpus

1053 BugTXM 0.8.0ChartsRCP: 0.7.6, AFC results view - results display

1054 FeatureTXM 0.8.0ChartsRCP: 0.7.6, AFC results view, hide items legend

1056 BugTXM 0.7.7ChartsRCP: 0.7.6, Progression graphic Java engine (JFC/SVG view and export)

1005 BugTXM 0.8.1ChartsRCP: Charts editor, Ubuntu, When reopening a chart editor from a tree result node, the focus is not automatically given to the chart component

986 TaskTXM 0.8.1ChartsTBX: Progression, implement a truncation system for long query strings in chart titles

993 FeatureTXM 0.7.8ChartsCA chart, highlight some factorial map points from the SWT table tab components and vice versa

996 FeatureTXM 0.8.1ChartsLink Progression chart with other command editors (synchronous and asynchronous)

1006 BugTXM 0.8.1ChartsRCP: Charts editor, Mac OS X, When creating or reopening an AFC chart editor from a tree result node, the focus is not automatically given to the chart component

1046 BugTXM X.XChartsRCP: 0.7.6, export view from JFC charts engine to PDF file format does not support all UTF-8 characters (e. g. RU characters if they are not present in the used font)

1098 BugTXM 0.7.7ChartsTBX: move the separator characters of the chart tool tips to the messages.properties system to be able to edit them for each langage

1101 FeatureTXM 0.8.1ChartsRCP: add some chart rendering and display preferences

1102 FeatureTXM 0.7.7ChartsRCP: 0.7.6, Eigenvalues bar plot, add some informations to mouse over tool tips

1104 FeatureTXM X.XChartsRCP: 0.7.6, add an help pop up window to chart editors, listing navigation commands, shortcuts, etc.

1105 FeatureTXM 0.7.7ChartsRCP: 0.7.6, constrain axes ticks/units to square aspect ratio in CA factorial map chart of JFC mode

1107 BugTXM 0.8.1ChartsRCP: 0.7.6, automatically opening exported chart editor view and exported chart from nodes files don't work

1127 BugTXM 0.8.1ChartsRCP: 0.7.6, focus bugs in chart editors

1128 BugTXM 0.8.0ChartsRCP: 0.7.6, Ubuntu, CA chart editor focus bug when selecting rows/columns in the infos table

1129 BugTXM 0.8.0ChartsRCP: 0.7.6, Ubuntu, CA multipages editor, focus is never given to the singular values bar plot chart editor

1130 TaskTXM 0.7.7ChartsDOC: update user manual to introduce modifications involved by the charts engine in 0.7.7

1131 BugTXM 0.8.1ChartsRCP: 0.7.6, Charts engine, tool tip persistence or display problem

1137 FeatureTXM 0.7.7ChartsRCP: 0.7.6, CA charts, add a border matching the extreme coordinates points of the factorial map to delimit the chart area

1138 FeatureTXM 0.7.7ChartsRCP: 0.7.6, CA editor, eigenvalues table, integrate eigenvalues bar chart in the table rows

1161 FeatureTXM 0.7.8ChartsProgression chart, display tool tips data

1163 FeatureTXM 0.8.1ChartsRCP: add components in chart editor tool bar for zooming in view

1165 FeatureTXM 0.8.1ChartsRCP: add keyboard shortcuts to scale and pan in the charts

1167 FeatureTXM 0.7.8ChartsHighlight the chart entities over the mouse cursor

1180 FeatureTXM X.XChartsRCP: make all the text strings selectable/copyable in JFC charts

1170 BugTXM 0.7.7ChartsRCP: 0.7.7, CA eigenvalues, the character sum "Ʃ" is not well displayed under Windows XP

1181 BugTXM X.XChartsRCP: 0.7.7, Charts export, Ubuntu, changing the file export format does not update the file extension in file name

1182 BugTXM 0.8.1ChartsRCP: 0.8.0, Charts export, Ubuntu, JFC/PDF, the vertical texts seem to not be copyable/selectable

1193 FeatureTXM X.XChartsRCP: Charts engine, improve the scale and pan behavior in JFC charts engine

1196 FeatureTXM 0.8.0ChartsRCP: X.X, better interoperability for exported charts font

1225 BugTXM X.XChartsRCP: 0.7.7, SWT_AWT bridging is bugged with the couple SWT 4.4 + JRE 7/JRE 8 on MAC OS X

1226 BugTXM 0.8.1ChartsRCP: 0.7.7, CA chart title is too long and mispelled in French + better readability for axis labels

1228 TaskTXM 0.8.0ChartsRCP: 0.7.7, Charts engine advanced modes, R/PNG, R/JPEG, JFC/BMP, JFC/GIF, JFC/JPEG, JFC/PNG, JFC/SVG, JFC/PDF

1229 FeatureTXM 0.8.1ChartsRCP: 0.7.7, improve zooming/scaling behavior in JFC charts engine

1257 BugTXM 0.7.7ChartsCA factorial map, when a label is highlighted (mouse over or click event), other point labels are drawn over it

1262 BugTXM 0.8.1ChartsSpecificities line chart, the mouse over line highlighting does not always draw the lines and shapes over other elements

1281 BugTXM 0.7.7ChartsRCP: 0.7.7, Charts, when vertical labels are too long, the chart is not drawn

1284 FeatureTXM X.XChartsRCP: 0.7.7, add a way to copy and paste the chart view directly with OS native copy/paste commands/shortcuts

1350 FeatureTXM X.XChartsadd a preference to directly pan and zoom on the last highlighted point in CA factorial map chart

1401 BugTXM 0.7.7ChartsTBX: Warning: NLS unused message: ChartsEngine_SPECIFICITIES_BANALITE_MARKER_LABEL in: org.txm.tbx.chartsengine.base.messages.messages

1403 BugTXM 0.8.0ChartsTBX: Nullpointer exception when trying to pop the selected chart entities for drawing them after unselected entities.

1685 FeatureTXM 0.8.1ChartsProgression chart, change tool tips data V2

1500 BugTXM 0.8.0ChartsRCP: 0.7.7, creating a progression chart with the same query multiple times throws an exception

1502 FeatureTXM 0.7.8ChartsImplement simple (cyclic exclusive) and extended chart items keyboard selection in charts engine layer

1517 FeatureTXM 0.7.8ChartsImplement simple, multiple and extended chart items mouse selection in charts engine layer

1519 BugTXM 0.8.1ChartsAdd contextual menu to chart composites

1521 FeatureTXM 0.8.0ChartsCA chart, link the CA info rows and info columns tables sorting order to the item selectors extended selection

1527 FeatureTXM 0.8.1ChartsSet the chart pan view control mouse button to left button instead of right button

1538 FeatureTXM 0.8.0ChartsProgression chart, send selection to index (hyperlink / asynchronous editor)

1539 FeatureTXM X.XChartsProgression, send selection to concordance (hyperlink / asynchronous editor)

1540 FeatureTXM X.XChartsProgression, send selection to cooccurrence (hyperlink / asynchronous editor)

1550 FeatureTXM 0.8.1ChartsRCP: 0.7.7, enhance Java graphical engine SVG export post-editing capabilities

1551 FeatureTXM X.XChartsRCP: 0.7.7, enhance graphical results end user post-editing or annotation

1554 BugTXM 0.7.8ChartsJFC charts engine, SVG exported files can not be opened by some SVG viewer due of double character ";"

1705 FeatureTXM 0.8.1ChartsCA chart, improve tooltips data

1668 BugTXM 0.8.0ChartsRCP: FCA, if editor area is splitted, when closing a sub-area, the square constraint of CA chart leads to a null exception

1670 FeatureTXM X.XChartsProgression chart, link selection with concordance (synchronous editor)

1690 FeatureTXM X.XChartsProgression chart, link selection with concordance (synchronous editor) V2

1671 BugTXM 0.8.1ChartsProgression chart, link selection with edition (synchronous editor)

1672 FeatureTXM 0.8.0ChartsPartition Dimensions, create a TXM object for result of type Partition Dimensions

1673 FeatureTXM 0.8.1ChartsRCP: Progression, add an export\chart functionality in tree node contextual menu and global tool bar

1674 TaskTXM 0.8.0ChartsClear the selection of chart entities when mouse clicking in an empty area

1681 FeatureTXM 0.7.8ChartsProgression chart, highlight and display extra data area on chart entity selection

1682 FeatureTXM 0.7.8ChartsCA chart, highlight and display extra data area on chart entity selection

1683 FeatureTXM 0.8.1ChartsCA chart, highlight and display extra data area on chart entity selection V2

1684 FeatureTXM 0.7.8ChartsCA chart, display tool tips data

1688 FeatureTXM 0.7.8ChartsPartition dimensions chart, display tool tips data

1686 FeatureTXM 0.7.8ChartsPartition dimensions chart, highlight chart entity on selection

1687 FeatureTXM 0.7.8ChartsSpecificities chart, highlight chart entity on selection

1689 TaskTXM 0.7.8ChartsSpecificities chart, display tool tips data

1706 BugTXM 0.8.1ChartsRCP: 0.7.8, tooltips position problem when using 2 screens on Linux

1710 BugTXM 0.8.1ChartsProgression chart, IndexOutOfBoundsException exception when a selected chart point has been deleted from a linked concordance

1732 BugTXM 0.8.0ChartsCA chart, extended mouse items selection doesn't work as expected

1766 FeatureTXM 0.8.0ChartsRCP: CA charts, better visibility of the selected lines of the cols/rows information tables

1767 FeatureTXM 0.8.1ChartsRCP: Progression, manage the interoperability between the progression chart and the concordance line deletion functionality

1768 BugTXM 0.8.0ChartsProgression chart, SVG exported file with JFC engine can not be open in Firefox or Inkscape

1775 BugTXM X.XChartsCharts, tool tips are sometimes displayed at a wrong location

1811 BugTXM X.XChartsRCP: 0.7.8: link progression to concordance with multiple windows

1960 BugTXM 0.8.0ChartsRCP: 0.7.8, error while displaying partition dimensions, MAC OS X 10.6

2003 TaskTXM 0.8.0ChartsEnhance multiple charts engines cohabitation

2033 FeatureTXM 0.8.0ChartsCA, add show/hide points preference

2034 TaskTXM 0.8.0ChartsRestore access to the pop up dialog of JFreeChart to edit chart rendering properties

2036 TaskTXM 0.8.1ChartsCA, directly get the values from the CA class in FCAXYDataset rather than copy them in the data set at creation

2037 FeatureTXM 0.8.1ChartsAdd copy chart to clipboard functionality

2060 TaskTXM 0.8.0ChartsExtract the R charts color palettes and share them with all charts engine implementations.

2061 FeatureTXM 0.8.0ChartsSpecificities bar chart, add "group bars by line / transpose" button

2062 TaskTXM 0.8.0ChartsManage most chart rendering color modes

2066 FeatureTXM 0.8.0ChartsStore the zoom/scaling factor and pan coordinates to reopen a closed chart editor keeping its last state (in same TXM session)

2074 FeatureTXM 0.8.0ChartsAdd a base font preference and default base font preference for chart rendering

2075 BugTXM X.XChartsChart texts are not readable and too small on Mac high resolution Retina screens

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