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2482 BugClosedNormalThe charts engine global preference "Default export format" doesn't work anymore08/02/2019 09:54
2409 BugClosedHighLinux: Opening JFC Chart Properties crashes TXM/JVM14/12/2018 10:27
2404 BugClosedNormalProgression, having twice the same query leads to error13/12/2018 15:27
2403 BugClosedHighResults .prefs files are flushed at TXM exit even if the "autosave" preference is disabled21/12/2018 16:00
2384 FeatureClosedNormalRCP: add "Close Other" and "Close All" to context menu of editor tab29/06/2018 12:41
2343 BugClosedNormalRCP: X.X, reconfigure eclipselink and JPA tools in the org.txm.annotation.core project08/02/2019 09:47
2342 TaskClosedNormalCharts engine, set/fix default font preference21/12/2018 15:32
2211 FeatureClosedNormalGestion des CSS module d'import Presse-PapierCharles Bourdot29/06/2018 12:46
2120 TaskClosedNormalCA, extract all the UI related code in CAEditorInput and move it to CAEditor29/06/2018 13:25
2066 FeatureRejectedNormalStore the zoom/scaling factor and pan coordinates to reopen a closed chart editor keeping its last state (in same TXM session)13/12/2018 15:13
2062 TaskClosedNormalManage most chart rendering color modes13/12/2018 15:47
2061 FeatureClosedNormalSpecificities bar chart, add "group bars by line / transpose" button13/12/2018 15:23
2060 TaskClosedNormalExtract the R charts color palettes and share them with all charts engine implementations.13/12/2018 15:29
2038 TaskClosedNormalManage UTF-8 localization .properties files21/12/2018 15:58
2033 FeatureClosedNormalCA, add show/hide points preference13/12/2018 15:24
2003 TaskClosedNormalEnhance multiple charts engines cohabitation13/12/2018 15:33
1960 BugClosedNormalRCP: 0.7.8, error while displaying partition dimensions, MAC OS X 10.614/12/2018 10:44
1827 BugRejectedNormalRCP: 0.7.8, Concordance fails to display result14/12/2018 10:24
1768 BugClosedHighProgression chart, SVG exported file with JFC engine can not be open in Firefox or Inkscape29/06/2018 12:47
1766 FeatureRejectedNormalRCP: CA charts, better visibility of the selected lines of the cols/rows information tables13/12/2018 15:09
1732 BugClosedNormalCA chart, extended mouse items selection doesn't work as expected14/12/2018 11:51
1674 TaskRejectedNormalClear the selection of chart entities when mouse clicking in an empty area06/09/2018 13:07
1672 FeatureClosedNormalPartition Dimensions, create a TXM object for result of type Partition Dimensions29/06/2018 12:47
1668 BugClosedNormalRCP: FCA, if editor area is splitted, when closing a sub-area, the square constraint of CA chart leads to a null exception29/06/2018 12:47
1538 FeatureClosedNormalProgression chart, send selection to index (hyperlink / asynchronous editor)11/12/2018 15:34

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