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Bug #173: RCP: 0.7.2, Lexical table export, wrong header
Bug #229: RCP: 0.7.2, improve Index to Concordance link
Bug #486: Partition Index, part columns don't sort properly.
Feature #770: RCP: X.X, optimize concordance object memory footprint
Bug #824: TBX: x.x, don't process hidden files of a source directory
Task #944: Export chart, export data, add the format types in the dialog box and export data/chart sharing
Task #964: DOC: Groovy script environment
Task #986: RCP: X.X, implement a truncation system for long TXMResult titles
Bug #1099: RCP: 0.7.6, Specificities crashes RServe on some subcorpus
Bug #1313: RCP: 0.7.7, Impossible to import a corpus with some Unicode characters
Bug #1510: TBX: 0.7.7, conflicts between default automatic word properties names and incorrect edition word tooltips in XML/w+CSV
Bug #1512: TBX: 0.7.7, deal with structures properties in commands
Feature #1664: RCP: X.X, simplify the lexicon word property choice
Feature #1744: TreeTagger extension
Bug #1798: TBX: 0.7.8, XTZ word properties update
Feature #1831: RCP: Palafra, corpus recode must use regular expression and mode option
Feature #1843: RCP: X.X, add an Edition to Concordance hyperlink
Task #1846: DOC: encoding and declaration of front and back TEI elements in XTZ import
Bug #1927: RCP: 0.7.8, annotating broke the concordance sort
Bug #1952: RCP: 0.7.8, force update site refreshing
Bug #1965: Results tab is split in 2 parts at startup if concordance + edition were displayed at the last session
Feature #1969: RCP: 0.7.8, update export preferences
Bug #1979: RCP: X.X, parts order in partition
Task #2026: Subcorpus dialog enhancement
Task #2030: Dynamically draw the current version to the splash screen
Feature #2043: RCP: 0.7.8: graphic shortcuts on Windows 10 laptop
Bug #2059: RCP: 0.7.8, fix pre-encoded word properties in XML/w+CSV
Bug #2086: RCP: X.X, manage BOM
Task #2149: Implement CorporaView results sorting
Bug #2160: RCP: X.X, words not highlighted in editions
Feature #2167: Caches on Java side some R data values
Bug #2181: RCP: 0.7.8 Linux, direct crash on various CQP access
Bug #2185: RCP: 0.7.9, Lexical Table, merged lines naming can lead to a bug when reimporting a table
Task #2216: Check and/or define the vendor of each TXM plug-in
Task #2225: Add loaders and/or root paths of all installed bundles in Execute Groovy commands (macro, scripts and import)
Feature #2237: RCP: X.X, Manage font display in all TXM widgets (editors, views, etc.)
Bug #2244: RCP: 0.7.8, Ubuntu dock launcher icon starts TXM with the wrong .txm directory
Bug #2250: RCP: X.X, The end of a word after a page break is not highlighted with back to text from concordance
Bug #2252: RCP: 0.7.8, XML/w import module, creating text identifiers fails when the root <TEI> element does not contain a <text> child
Bug #2258: RCP: 0.7.8, XMLW and XTZ import modules, line breaks trimmed causing tokenization errors
Bug #2280: RCP: 0.7.8, missing TreeTagger french tokenisation rules
Bug #2354: RCP: X.X, page break: words not highlighted in editions
Bug #2364: TBX: 0.7.9, build word IDs if not present in w tags for back-to-text when not tokenizing
Bug #2373: RCP: 0.7.9, XTZ + CSV import module: error in page indexing if source file name contains the "_" character
Task #2400: Standardize the text labels of the results in some UI locations
Task #2405: Lighten the CA and MultiPagesEditor system
Bug #2411: Cooccurrence, "tc" value seems to always be equal to 0 info parameters area
Task #2426: Define and implement String messages workflow and update guidelines
Task #2427: TXM0.8.0: remove/fix broken externalized strings
Bug #2429: Move the load of the sample corporas to the Modal Dialog job thread
Task #2447: Validate the results data export
Feature #2450: Persist the user modifications done on a lexical table
Feature #2451: Persist concordance user modifications
Feature #2452: Add a preference to set the CQP matching strategy
Feature #2454: Add a new CQL 'matching strategy' parameter
Task #2464: finish the development of Partition Index and Partition Index Editor
Bug #2468: RCP: 0.7.9, FCA broken on 7M words corpus / 79 texts partition
Feature #2473: RCP: x.x, Be able to rename CQP corpus and subcorpus
Feature #2474: RCP: X.X, result creation journal, publication and literate programming
Bug #2476: Lexical Table, having more than one row or column with same names is not compatible with Specificities, CA, etc. computing
Bug #2478: Editor, the first line composite is not hidden/disposed even if it's empty and the compute button has been programmatically removed
Bug #2484: CA, the cascade children editor refreshing method call 3 refreshes in CAEditor
Task #2487: Enhance production of multi-target setups
Bug #2489: Lexical Table, popup alert to inform user that children results will be recomputed is not triggered after editing the result
Task #2491: Improve the R and CQP initialization
Bug #2495: RCP: 0.8.0, Orphans RCP project directories/files when canceling an import
Bug #2496: There is no alert popup when importing a corpus with same name as an existing one anymore
Feature #2502: Enable red color in TXM Console for severe log level and stderr
Task #2508: Improve and clean org.txm.rcp.utils.JobHandler
Feature #2512: RCP: X.X, add a pop up dialog at first launch to ask to the user if he wants or not import corpora of an older TXM version
Feature #2513: RCP: X.X, port TXM home directory choice to Linux and Mac OS X
Bug #2517: RCP: 0.7.9, give useful information in the console when "disk full" error occurs during import modules
Bug #2520: RCP: 0.7.9, CQP recursive structures management in conflict with some structure names given in sources, for all XML based import modules
Bug #2528: RCP: 0.7.9: edition editor reseted to first page when opening annotation tools or when changing shown editions
Task #2529: RCP: 0.8.0, alpha, beta and stable setups must uninstall the other alpha, beta or stable versions
Task #2530: RCP: 0.8.0, corpora view on selection message
Task #2533: RCP: 0.8.0, multi properties concordance annotation
Bug #2534: Windows, Corpus deletion problem if some files are in use
Task #2541: DOC: menu principal "Macros"
Bug #2545: Lexical Table user edition is not persisted
Bug #2547: Lexical Table, Ubuntu 18.10, last column has wrong width by grabbing excess horizontal space
Bug #2549: Specificities, Ubuntu 18.10, last column has wrong width by grabbing excess horizontal space
Task #2550: DOC: TXM uninstall instructions
Feature #2552: RCP: X.X, Improve Ubuntu launcher access
Bug #2553: RCP: 0.8.0, homogenize localized UI strings management (ru)
Bug #2554: RCP: 0.7, fix UI lazy strings update after UI locale change
Feature #2555: RCP: X.X, show at start up the TXM build date next to the version
Bug #2560: RCP: 0.8.0, lexical table sort when lines are merged
Feature #2561: RCP: X.X,Table hierarchical sort default order must be descending (Lexical Table, Index, etc.)
Task #2565: Reduce size of exported binary corpora
Bug #2580: RCP: 0.8.0, XSLX metadata file and numeric values
Feature #2584: RCP: X.X, Homogenize annotation toolbars
Feature #2613: RCP: X.X, per version online manual access
Bug #2626: RCP: 0.8.0, subcorpus specificities broken when intermediate lexical table is displayed
Bug #2639: RCP: 0.8.0, TIGER query widget not multi line
Feature #2645: RCP: X.X, TXMResult description parameter
Feature #2656: RCP: X.X, Hide Windows start up dos window
Bug #2661: RCP: 0.8.0, Ubuntu, BackToText from concordance UI freeze
Bug #2665: RCP: 0.8.0, double quotes and new lines in CQP structure property values
Task #2666: RCP: 0.8.0, TokenizerClasses class cleanning
Feature #2672: RCP: X.X, disable workspace auto-build preference
Task #2675: Diagnose TXM behaviors processing a large corpora
Task #2678: Improve partition creation process duration (improve query for part creation)
Bug #2681: Remove MaxPermSize=256m VM arg from Window product
Bug #2688: RCP: 0.8.0, TreeTagger installation tutorial path incorrect dependance on LOCALE
Task #2689: RCP: X.X, clarify TXMResult persisted values
Task #2693: Improve TXMResult deletion console log messages
Bug #2704: In some environments, on Windows, there might be a conflict between already installed R and TXM embedded R
Bug #2708: RCP: 0.8.0, MacOSX, truncated characters in tables
Bug #2716: very long Groovy compilation time when launching import modules for the first time in a session
Task #2718: Finalize the start and done computing messages of subcorpus computing
Task #2720: Finalize the start and done computing messages of edition opening
Bug #2723: Duplicated directories and files in setups and updates built bundles
Bug #2724: Updates may fail on some Windows versions due to user file permissions
Task #2725: Change the way the JRE is embedded in TXM
Bug #2736: RCP: 0.8.0, Back-to link broken for some binary 0.7.9 corpora loaded into TXM 0.8.0
Task #2738: Improve JavaFX libraries integration in TXM
Task #2746: Improve the UI to block only concerned branch when launching heavy computing processes
Task #2747: Improve user feedback in case of long computing or re-computing of a result from an Editor
Bug #2748: Concordance pivot sorting seems broken after annotating some word properties
Bug #2749: During initialization from deserialization (lazy loading), results that need to fill their parameters from their parent can't if the parent is not ready
Bug #2751: Some RCP platform errors are not shown in TXM
Bug #2753: CA, Deselecting the last table line doesn't deselect the CA point in chart
Bug #2755: Lexical Table, sort is not used when editing an editor parameter
Feature #2756: RCP: 0.8.0, Convert Dialog boxes of Sub-corpus and Partition to editor
Feature #2757: RCP: X.X, desktop notification system
Feature #2758: RCP: X.X, TXM corpus file association
Feature #2759: Annotations, list and index non-saved annotations
Task #2766: Improves the way the JRE is embedded
Task #2768: Standardize and restore the messages in status bar
Bug #2773: Cooccurrence, when reopening a result or typing a query some double quotes are added to the query
Task #2776: PropertySelector dialog, better display word/structures properties difference and selected properties difference
Bug #2777: R, Mac OS X, TXM can't start RServe if it is not installed in /Applications
Task #2781: delete word or structure property
Bug #2782: Back-to-media, 0.8.1, Sample TRS corpus, link to media broken
Bug #2785: Windows, can't run multiple instances of TXM
Bug #2792: XTZ import, XSL editions not optimized when corpus is updated
Task #2798: migrate sf page links to gitlab page links
Bug #2799: Previous corpus directory size
Task #2806: txm manual / add uninstallation section
Feature #2810: Macro main menu V1
Feature #2811: Macro toolbar
Feature #2812: Macro main menu V2 - user customization
Feature #2822: Import, strengthen the word id attributes management in XML sources and binary corpus
Bug #2825: Windows, update, warning technical messages
Bug #2827: 0.8.1, Update, TXM not restarting
Feature #2829: ajouter un titre aux listes de sélection dans les widgets de choix de propriétés à combiner
Bug #2843: Mac OS X, update, "Invalid cookie header" messages displayed
Task #2845: Setup, Ubuntu 20.04, prepare TXM 0.8.1 to be fully compatible with Ubuntu 20.04 debian packages
Bug #2847: Transcriber corpus update, some Annotations Ignored in Type and Type/Value Word Sequence annotation mode
Task #2850: Glozz export, manage multi texts corpus
Task #2851: Setups, simplify subversion of install directories and packages name
Bug #2852: TreeTagger, restore default or previous path when uninstalling the extension
Bug #2854: TreeTagger, restore default or previous path when uninstalling the extension
Feature #2855: Corpus and commands retrocompatibility
Task #2856: XTZ import, remove or lighten TEI constraints
Bug #2857: MediaPlayer, MediaException: ERROR_MEDIA_INVALID: ERROR_MEDIA_INVALID
Bug #2858: Word and Word Sequence Annotation, CQP reserved keywords
Bug #2859: Structure name, Structure property name or Word property name, CQP reserved keywords
Feature #2861: Word annotation, delete property
Task #2865: BackToText, no edition messages
Task #2867: ConsoleProgressBar, format
Task #2868: Corpus, export job, finer progress bar
Bug #2869: TIGERSearch, managing directories containing accents
Bug #2870: BackToText, Windows 10, Javascript warning dialog
Task #2871: Import, description field, remove the build date from the default value generated by TXM
Bug #2872: Annotation bar, closing&reopening the annotation bar adds 1 new word annotation bar each time
Bug #2879: The restarting engines command breaks the annotations saving operation
Feature #2880: Split Licence and Options panels in first launch dialog box
Bug #2881: R perspective, R package installation broken
Bug #2882: RCP: 0.8.1, XTZ Import, teiHeader tokenized but not correctly indexed if it is not listed in "out-of-text" or "out-of-text to edit" elements
Bug #2892: Import wrong 'noname' empty columns in metadata.ods
Task #2901: Debian control file, website link
Bug #2902: StaxIdentity and XmlProcessor event precedding first element
Bug #2908: LexicalTable export with the double-quote character
Bug #2909: TXM 0.8.1, The AHC first compute erases manual modifications of the LexicalTable
Feature #2913: Advance tooltips: text selection
Task #2916: Double space in CQP word and structural units properties
Task #2919: Explicit concordance corpus order sort parameter
Task #2920: Concordance, complex sort widget, sort direction, property selection
Task #2922: Concordance editor, enhence reference column width
Bug #2928: TXM 0.8.1, French items persist in the contextual menu after switching the interface language into English
Task #2930: TRS Import, add missing trans-14.dtd file in sources directory
Task #2911: Check if the concordance last sort key is always the corpus order
Task #2912: AFVOIXOFF, fix the emissions table "textorder" column format
Bug #2914: concordance, sorting break the column widths set by the user
Task #2915: Properties and structures combo list order
Task #2917: AFVOIXOFF, dash characters in words
Task #2921: AFVOIXOFF, normalize metadata values
Feature #2923: Concordance, properties and sprintf pattern to build reference column, as a corpus parameter
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