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Task #161: GWT: 0.5, Multiple RServe servers for multiple portals per machine
Task #1298: GWT: x.x, Enable direct access to a command via URL - STEP 4 - login on access restriction
Feature #904: GWT: X.X, Adding a new corpus to a portal, provide RCP like 'Load' functionnality
Task #1123: GWT: x.x, add French translation to the "Show corpora directory content" button in the administrator tools
Bug #1219: GWT: 0.6.1, Admin interface, "Delete corpus" button disappeared from the admin corpora panel
Bug #1250: GWT: 0.6.1, fix commands log filename
Task #1269: GWT: X.X, Admin interface, show the current version of the portail
Task #1270: GWT: X.X, Admin interface, replace "base" with "corpus" in the corpora panel
Feature #1293: GWT: x.x, Exposition mode
Feature #1303: GWT: X.X, Concordance form default values
Bug #1416: GWT: 0.6: Java heap space exception
Bug #1605: GWT: ergonomy problem with synoptic editions
Bug #1830: GWT: 0.6.1, TIGERSearch query results overload
Task #1905: GWT: 0.6.1, BFM Portal Sign-up form, Make "Institution" field obligatory
Feature #1906: GWT: X.X., Show total frequency and part size in partition indexes
Feature #1918: GWT: X.X., Open new browser tab on getPDF action
Task #2191: Define the txm.war version to display it in the Tomcat Manager
Bug #2192: Improve the welcome loading screen.
Bug #2193: Wrong confimation dialog text for the delete partition command
Bug #2194: Wrong error dialog text for CA command
Bug #2195: CA command does not work
Bug #2196: Specificites does not work
Bug #2197: Specificites command, french mispelling
Bug #2198: Table columns width of Partition Index/Lexicon are not auto-adjusted
Task #2201: Translate edition current page tool tip to french
Feature #2202: Add the possiblity to define the synoptic editions columns order
Feature #2214: GWT: X.X, embedded mode
Bug #2269: GWT: 0.6.1, Synchronize Simple_Viewer_beta usage between XTZ import module and TXM portal
Feature #2515: GWT: 0.6.1, very xml syntax conformity before using users and profiles configuration and messages parameter files
Feature #2516: GWT: 0.6.1, very .properties files syntax and values types and syntax conformity before using configuration files
Bug #2583: 0.6.2, Firefox 66.0.4, Chrome 74.0.3729.157: Return key doesn't work in the cooccurrence query field
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