From 11/02/2015 to 12/01/2015


10:52 am Feature #1597 (In Progress): TBX: X.X, XML-XTZ import, encode milestones in word properties
XML milestones are not implemented in the structural attributes of the CQP corpus data model.
Some corpora need to...
Matthieu Decorde
10:49 am Feature #1596 (New): TBX: X.X, new XML-XTZ + CSV import option : word element
Currently, <w> is the default implicit element name used to encode word level units (leafs) of the TXM corpus model i... Matthieu Decorde


09:48 am Feature #1594 (Resolved): RCP: knowledge repository manipulations - V1
Be able to manipulate a KR :
* synchronize a KR : delete all types and reload from the source (SQL database or TSV ...
Matthieu Decorde


08:22 pm Bug #1488: TBX: 0.7.7, allow XML special characters entities in word or structure properties in a...
What about '&quot;' ?
* it is an XML reserved character
* it is sensible to encode XML element attributes
Serge Heiden
12:05 pm Feature #1593 (New): RCP: X.X, Embed R in Linux and Mac OS X setups
In TXM setup, Linux and Mac OS X setups don't have the same setup policy as the Windows setup.
This generates diff...
Matthieu Decorde
11:56 am Bug #824: TBX: x.x, don't process hidden files of a source directory
I move it to 0.7.9, some points are not done yet. Matthieu Decorde
09:12 am Bug #1592 (New): TBX: X.X, Tokenizer words preceding and following clitics are lost
2 main bugs has been found :
"Bar-le-Duc" is tokenized : "Bar" "-l"
"-Duc" is dropped and "-le" is truncated
Matthieu Decorde


06:07 pm Bug #1590 (New): RCP: 0.7.8, synoptic editor plugin integration into 0.7.8 update
A) Currently, there are two edition commands entries in the toolbar and menus:
* Edition
* Synoptic Editor
Is it...
Serge Heiden
05:38 pm Feature #1499: RCP: 0.7.7, update Edition next/previous page navigation, add 'first/last text' bu...
The texts for the tooltips in the text edition navigation toolbar are currently:
* |<<
* texte précedent
* Début
Serge Heiden


04:18 pm Bug #1589 (New): TBX: 0.7.7, CA asserts
Currently, columns with only 0 frequencies (zero columns) and liens with only 0 frequencies (zero lines) produce a st... Serge Heiden
01:18 pm Bug #1586: RCP: 0.7.7, corpus name length limit
The import parameters input form is not the only place where a corpus name can be set:
* the import.xml file can be ...
Serge Heiden
12:18 pm Bug #1587 (New): RCP 0.7.7, clitics tokenisation
Je fais une concordance sur ‘-l.*’ (pour -là) :
j’obtiens ceci :
Remarquez d’a...
Matthieu Decorde
11:53 am Bug #1586 (New): RCP: 0.7.7, corpus name length limit
the corpus name length is limited but the improt form does not test the length
h3. Solution 0
limit to 20 char
Matthieu Decorde


03:26 pm Task #1507: DOC: update macro documentation
Need to be reviewed by SLH Matthieu Decorde
02:58 pm Bug #1585 (New): TBX: X.X, TXT+CSV import created structures
Currently the TXT+CSV import module (and clipboard import) creates a "lb" empty structure for each line and creates a... Matthieu Decorde


10:42 am Feature #1580 (New): RCP: X.X, Add a rescue command to reconstruct the workspace from the corpora...
Add an advanced command to reconstruct the workspace\default.xml file from the corpora directory.
The functionality ...
Sebastien Jacquot


05:07 pm Bug #1577: RCP: 0.7.8, XTZ import, some XML elements not recognized as structures, etc.
The test corpus is not sufficient to reproduce the bug. You need to add 4-5 more texts from VWWP corpus for the probl... Alexey Lavrentev
04:46 pm Bug #1577: RCP: 0.7.8, XTZ import, some XML elements not recognized as structures, etc.
threading or not, I can't reproduce the bug with TXM 0.7.8 update :
The threading is disabled...
Matthieu Decorde
02:21 pm Feature #1579 (New): Portal 0.6.1: images of facs edition are not managed by the user account system
At this moment, images of facs edition can only be accessible by publishing them in the public tomcat directory. So e... Sebastien Jacquot
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