From 01/30/2013 to 02/28/2013


01:30 pm Revision 8: Siesta is working, and I have added one example for it.
The main update here is that geometrical changes can now be monitored directly
in Opt'n Path using AnaGeom and GeomFi...
Paul Fleurat-Lessard


01:39 pm Revision 7: Another intermediate upgrade. AnaPath is being integrated into Opt'n Path directly.
Paul Fleurat-Lessard


08:30 pm Revision 6: Last part of Siesta input reading is done. Siesta should now workd fully.
Paul Fleurat-Lessard
06:00 pm Revision 5: This is an intermediate update (kind of v1.47-v1.48) with an experimental support of ...
On top of this, I have cleaned some routines: Read_geom.f90 and ReadInput.f90 are 'interface' routines
that call the...
Paul Fleurat-Lessard
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