Bug #2742

Updated by Matthieu Decorde 2 months ago

TXMEditor parameter toolbar is broken when a CQP corpus is not ready -> CQP exception are raised.

This is more general, we need to ensure the result parent is ready to be used.

eg: calling Cooccurrence on a Subcorpus not computed throw an CQP exception when the Cooccurrence editor is opened and try to load the available corpus properties.

h3. Solution 1

When opening a TXMEditor always pre-compute the parent before. Add parent.compute(false) in
A- TXMEditor.openEditor()
B- TXMEditor.this.createPartControl

A: can manage the parent.compute in a job
B: always works but might cause freezes at any moment. -> maybe we can use a busyWhile job to correclty freeze the interface

---> Use the B solution and validate the freeze is ok

h3. Solution 2 3

protect all TXMResult getters methods with a this.compute(false)