Bug #229

Updated by Matthieu Decorde 4 months ago

* does not build the concordance query from the original index query (incomplete)
* wrong if more that one position (see note 1)

Remove or Document this link until resolved.

Two suggestions for a solution:

The CQL associated to the link must combine the constraints of the original CQL (for example CQL_A=[frpos="NOM"]) and the constraints expressed by the cell containing the link (for example: CQL_B=[frlemma="pouvoir"]).

* -solution solution A) use the "::" operator to combine the queries: @CQL_A :: CQL_B;@- works ? CQL_B;@
* solution B)
** 1) if necessary, add the INTERSECTION of two CQP result sets method to the CQi API (the operator is already present in CQP)
** 2) resolve CQL_B
* solution C) create a subcorpus result with CQL_A next to the Index and create its child concordance with CQL_B
* solution D) create a hidden subcorpus result with CQL_A child of the Index and create its child concordance with CQL_B
* solution E) create a concordance with CQL_B child of the Index

Solution A is limited to the cases where CQL_A and CQL_B don't use the "::" operator thus won't be used. operator.

Solution B is universal.

Solution C create a subcorpus&concordance are disconnected from the index. The subcorpus may be discontinue (1 tokens matches) but is visible.

Solution D the subcorpus is hidden

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