Feature #934

Updated by Matthieu Decorde 10 months ago

Currently, the MediaPlayer uses <sp> structure 'start' and 'end' attributes to get media replay span.

It should use <u> (utterance) structure 'start' and 'end' attributes, if available, to get finer control for media replay (<u> utterance structures are encoded inside <sp> (speech turn) structures).

-h3. h3. Solution 1.1

Use <u> structure 'start' attributes, or <sp> attributes if no <u> is available, above pivot occurrences, to get finer control for media replay.

See also "refaireTRS":https://groupes.renater.fr/wiki/txm-users/public/macros#refairetrs macro.

h3. Solution 1.2

Encode start-end informations in utterance structures at import time (it seems like only 'start' information is currently available) and use start and end for media replay.- replay.

h3. Solution

Implement another media span resolution mode: Milestone. The Milestone mode retrieve timing from a structural unit property and the next following structural unit property.
Details here : https://groupes.renater.fr/wiki/txm-info/public/specs_multimedia#granularite_du_retour_au_media