Task #2566

Updated by Sebastien Jacquot about 1 year ago

TBD: from old discussions:

* define terminology: eg. difference between a Corpora and a TXM Project and Wiki specifications
* TXM Project may embed all the persisted result at export
* Corpora may be only the Corpus itself
* Ergonomics:
** add some options to select data to export: corpora, edition, persisted results, etc.?

* Size reduction
** add an option to not export the @title (tooltip dedicated) from editions .html files

* etc.

* remove all not used temporary directories from export? eg. stokenized, tokenized, treetagger, etc.?
* actually remove them from the TXM_HOME folder? are they really useful?
* discuss about the old "results" directory where are stored form example the .svg and properties .html files
** make these files temporary?
** store them in each corpora folder rather than in the same directory
** export them or not