Task #2524

Updated by Matthieu Decorde about 1 year ago

TXM default working directory: @$HOME/TXM-{VERSION}@: contains corpora, css, xsl, results files & preferences

TXM default configuration directory: @$HOME/.TXM-{VERSION}@: contains launch configuration=mainly the working directory to use and the licence validation

TXM default install directory :
* Windows: C:/Program files/TXM-{VERSION}
* Mac OS X: /Applications/TXM-{VERSION}.app
* Linux: /usr/lib/TXM-{VERSION}

Start up logs:
* Windows: in the opened console
* Mac OS X: none
* Linux: @$HOME/TXM_PostInstallOutputLogs.txt@ and @$HOME/TXM_PostInstallErrorLogs.txt@

Groovy scripts:
* Java libraries: @$HOME/TXM-{VERSION}/scripts/groovy/lib@
* user packages root directory : @$HOME/TXM-{VERSION}/scripts/groovy/user@
** macros directory (only the *Macro.groovy files appear in the Macro view): org/txm/macro ->
** scripts directory: org/txm/scripts
*** import scripts directories: org/txm/scripts/importer/*
* TXM scripts directory (copy of scripts in case of troubles after editing the user directory scripts): @$HOME/TXM-{VERSION}/scripts/groovy/system@