Feature #2037

Updated by Sebastien Jacquot 8 months ago

Add copy chart to clipboard functionality.

* add a button in the chart editor toolbar
* add binding to CTRL/CMD + C
* add an entry in the context menu

EN label: "Copy the current view to clipboard"
FR label: "Copier la vue dans le presse-papier"

h3. Validation tests

* create some charts with Java charts engine
* use "Copy chart view to clipboard" from the tool bar, the context menu AND/OR the CTRL/CMD + C keys combination
* paste the clipboard into another image, mail or text software => the pasted image must be the copied view
* do the same with the R charts engine

h3. Feedback

* Windows 7
** SJ: OK
* Linux
** SJ: *KO, CTRL + E, C, or R doesn't work (Ubuntu 18.10 VM)*