Bug #2497

Updated by Sebastien Jacquot 11 months ago

Since the RCP workspace directory is now set at launching time (.bat, .sh) with the "data" -data argument (to TXMHOME/corpora), the user txm home directory preference is not managed anymore, but still visible in the advanced preference page.

- is it possible to dynamically set the workspace ("data" (-data launcher argument) at TXM starting from a preference rather than setting it through the launcher?
- then, is it possible to dynamically switch the workspace?
- need some tests with the new setup functionnality of external or networked TXMHOME directory

a) remove this preference
b.1) if possible, get the path from the preference node and dynamically set it at Toolbox initialization (TBX layer to be compatible with TXM GWT)
b.2) when this preference change, move all the content of directory to the new path. See the "Switch Workspace" method of Eclipse