Task #944

Updated by Sebastien Jacquot about 1 year ago

Old note:
- discuss about sharing the chart export and data export systems
- share a method to create a default valid file name (see method cleanFileName() in charts engine) when exporting some results
- add the format types in export dialog boxes, not only the extension file, ex. Type : "SVG (.svg)", etc. (following LibreOffice "save as..." policy)

New notes/sate:

- abstract method TXMResult.getValidFileName() can be used to produce a file name when exporting
- a nice way to manage the export sharing, mutualization and easy extension is to use RCP extension points then define and implement some ImportEngine and ExportEngine as it has been done with the chart creators
- using this, the export commands become generic and can also get the available input and output format for each kind of TXMResult