Bug #2469

Updated by Alexey Lavrentev over 1 year ago

Negative EditionPermission in a profile may be used to prevent the display of edition pages (for copyright reasons, for example) when a global TxmAllPermission is set for the whole corpus.
<pre> <code>
<entity path="/CORPUS">
<permission value="TxmAllPermission"/>
<permission value="EditionPermission" not="true"/>
</pre> </code>
However, it only works for individual texts (<entity path="/CORPUS/textId">). When set to a whole corpus or subcorpus, the user can still display edition pages if textsPermission is positive or, in any case, through a "backToText" hyperlink.

A workaround is either to list all texts with restrictions or not use TxmAllPermissions and and set the relevant permissions positively.