Feature #2391

Updated by Matthieu Decorde almost 2 years ago

* installer
* * hide the advanced options to select the HOME directory in an "Advanced" area
* * add option to install shortcuts in "all" or "user" start menu
* * add command line options to set the ASKUSERDIRECTORY and ROAMIGNISNTALL

* uninstaller
* * used files can not be removed during process
* * * => ask user to quit TXM if it's running before installation
* * * => and/or add a "force to quit" popup as for some software uninstaller
* * * NOTE: since we can now install more than one TXM and the processes have same name, how knows the one's running is the one linked to the specific uninstaller? (=> need to check if we can get the path/command line of the process through Nsis)
* * * NOTE: also need to check R, but same question here