Bug #2284

Updated by Alexey Lavrentev about 2 years ago

The stylesheets produce double result results files for each source file:
* one induced by standard output management
* one induced by the xsl:output declaration management

To reproduce the bug, use the plato corpus:
<code>webdavs://sharedocs.huma-num.fr/dav.php/@Shares/(948) Cactus/(3777) Projets/Textométrie/Corpus/src/perseus/plato/170720/plato170720c</code>

The number of files doubles after 1-split-merge step.

The 1-split-merge step cannot be used in the current state of TXM.

h3. Solution

Do not use standard output of XSL transformation, as stated in the specification.

h3. Temporary workaround

Use ExecXSL macro to split/merge/rename files before starting import.