Bug #2258

Updated by Alexey Lavrentev over 3 years ago

In text nodes the new lines are trimmed and hense words on different lines are merged unless there is a white space before the new line.
To reproduce the bug, use the following test file to see that "ouperaction" appears in the lexicon:

Tout art et toute doctrine et semblablement tout fait ou
operacion et eleccion appetent et desirent aucun bien. Pour
ce parloient bien les anciens en disant ainsi: " Bien est ce
que toutes choses desirent. " Et semble que il est difference
de fins; car les unes fins sont les operacions, les autres sont

It looks like the trimming happens before the file is sent to XSL filters, so it is impossible to use XSL to fix the problem.

h1. Solution

# Replace the new line with a space (ideally unless preceded or followed followoed by another white space)
# Trim the new lines after XSLT filters application