Task #2057

Updated by Sebastien Jacquot over 2 years ago

Extract and create plug-ins for each external lib used in TXM. The plugin vendor should be set to the developer of the lib. Also store and diffuse the licenses. All this data should be visible in the Installation and in the P2 Update windows.

h3. Extraction

* Batik [wrapping plug-in = done, but can't find the version number we are using. Plus, the official Apache Batik plug-in is already installed in TXM/Eclipse Luna build (at least under Windows), see if it is sufficient for charts export because at this moment some Batik .jar are doubled]
* Groovy-all [wrapping plug-in = done, TODO: is it a custom or an external lib?]
* JFreeChart/JCommon [wrapping plug-in = done, about.html/licences about.html/licence = done]
* JFreeSVG [wrapping plug-in = done, about.html/licence = done]
* -IText [wrapping plug-in = done] [need to upgrade or change this lib, see: http://www.lowagie.com/iText. This lib was used by some functionalities of the toolbox but now is only used to export chart as PDF from JFreeChart but also from SVG Batik viewer, see new issue: http://forge.cbp.ens-lyon.fr/redmine/issues/2218]-
* Saxon [done, but can't find the version number we are using.]
* colt-1.2.0.jar [wrapping plug-in = done, about.html/licences about.html = done] done, licence = TODO]
* REngine.jar, RServeEngine.jar has been moved to org.txm.statsengine.r.core/lib => need to define the interest to split them in 2 plug-ins or not, at least 1 for licensing and client updates purposes.
* //TODO

h3. Validation tests

* go to "Installation Details\Plug-ins" tab
* check the "provider" column for each plug-in
* check the "Legal Info" for each plug-in (about.html)