Task #2057

Updated by Sebastien Jacquot over 2 years ago

Extract and create plug-ins for each external lib used in TXM. The plugin vendor should be set to the developer of the lib. Also store and diffuse the licenses. All this data should be visible in the Installation and in the P2 Update windows.

h3. Extraction

* Batik [done]
* Groovy-all [done]
* JFreeChart [done]
* IText [done]
* REngine.jar, colt-1.2.0.jar, RServeEngine.jar has been moved IText [moved to org.txm.statsengine.r.core/lib => org.txm.libs.jfreechart but must be better extracted to extract in 1 or 2 lib wrapper projects, at least for licensing purpose.

its own plug-in because it's also used by org.txm.chartsengine.svgbatik.rcp to export SVG to PDF]

h3. Validation tests

* go to Installation Details (Installed Software, Features and Plug-ins tabs)
* check the provider column for each plug-in
* check the Legal Info for each plug-in (about.html or license.html) and Copyright