Feature #1569

Updated by Matthieu Decorde almost 4 years ago

Stop using properties file to store key-value parameters

h3. Solution

The import.xml file has a new section "parameters" that allows to store key-value parameters.

This feature is used *only in the XTZ import module* with the following new import parameters:
* CLEAN = "clean.directories"
** if CLEAN=true, the temporary files created of import steps are deleted at the end of the step
*** importer : remove the "tokenized" directory
*** annotate : remove the "treetagger" and "annotations" directories
*** compiler : remove the "wtc" directory
* MULTITHREAD = "multithread"
** if MULTITHREAD=true
*** compiler and pager steps are threaded
*** TreeTagger annotation is threaded with N thread (N the number of cores)
* DEBUG = "debug"
** if DEBUG=true : more diagnose messages (cwb-encode, cwb-makeall, etc.)
* UPDATECORPUS = "corpus.update"
** if UPDATECORPUS=true importer and annotate steps are ignored

By default all these parameters are set to "false" \o/

h3. Validation test

None, done by other tickets.