Feature #1665

Updated by Matthieu Decorde about 4 years ago

The save annotation command rebuilds the root corpus. All its descendants objects (sub-corpus, partition, results, etc.) and results editors must be updated or closed/deleted.

h3. Solution

First strategy:
* at the beginning of the 'save annotation' command, open a warning dialog box "All results windows of the corpus will be deleted. Continue?"
** Yes:
*** a) close or delete all descendants of the corpus to update
*** b) update the corpus
** Cancel: the user can export some results and call 'save annotations' again later

h3. Validation test

* select a XTZ corpus equiped with a KR and some types+values
* create some annotations
* the corpus name should have a "*" after its name
* in its contextual menu the "Save annotation" command is available, select it
* a warning dialog is shown, press "OK"
* a progression dialog is shown when done the editors using the corpus are close
* the new annotations are queryable in the concordance with a query like %%<typename value="thevalue"> []+ </typename>%%