Feature #1701

Updated by Matthieu Decorde almost 5 years ago

The current solution is too strict: the "imageDirectory" is mandatory but we can easily build a facsimile edition if the pb@facs attribute is used in the XML sources (so the imageDirectory becomes unnecessary).

h3. Solution

Change the edition section of the import editor :
* add a check button : build a facsimile edition
** the button enable/disable the "imageDirectory" field
* if the "imageDirectory" field is not specified, then the XTZ facsimile edition will use the pb@attribute values to build pages.
* link with the SimpleViewer Javascript library to enable zoom and pan actions

Message à afficher dans certains cas :
1) page de garde : "IDENTIFIANT<br/><br/>Fac-similé du document source"
2) une page sans @facs : "Cette page n'est pas disponible en mode fac-similé."
3) l'image indiquée par @facs n'est pas accessible (@alt) : "Le fac-similé de cette
page n'est pas accessible"