Feature #1521

Updated by Sebastien Jacquot over 4 years ago

At this moment, selecting some points with arrow keys in the factorial map chart cycles through the points regardless of the order of the columns and lines information SWT tables.

h3. Solution

To do the cyclic and extended selection of chart items according to the rows and cols SWT table order we need to redefine the multiple item selector cyclic order when user sorts the table columns.
See: org.txm.tbx.chartsengine.jfreechart.renderers.MultipleItemsSelector.setCyclicItemsOrder(TreeMap<Integer, ArrayList<Integer>>)

h3. Validation tests

* create a CA
* click in the chart to give it the focus (if needed)
* change the chart items selection using keyboard arrow keys and SHIFT + arrow keys
=> check that the corresponding table lines are well selected/deselected in the cols and rows info editors
=> current chart item selection behavior is to cycle through the rows then the columns
* sort the infos tables on some column and select some points with the keyboard in the chart (with and without SHIFT key modifier)
=> the selection must match the tables lines order permitting, for example, to cycle by mass, dist, etc., ascendant and descendant order.
* also do some tests with mouse extended selection (SHIFT + left click) and different sorted columns
(according to your OS you may need to click back in the chart after sorting the tables because of some focus bug waiting to be fixed)
* please provide the OS used for the tests