Feature #1175

Updated by Serge Heiden about 4 years ago

The user must be able to keep some results between TXM sessions -> *store* results.

It would be interesting to also be able to
share 'the way to compute' some results with another user -> *export* results, to be reproduced in a TXM.

It would also be interesting to trace the working session as a journal for reading
and publishing -> produce a *journal* of results to be read (see Gweave below). another TXM session.

A result is the association of a Command name call and its Parameters. parameters.

Current "Export" command is not the solution because it does not allow to rebuild the result in another TXM session. TXM.

h3. Solution A

Add a new "Keep/Save" entry in the corpus view contextual menu, toolbar and shortcut. toolbar.

Add a visual mark that informs the user inform if the result is kept or not: for example, not : a "*" = not kept or a pin = kept.

By default a result is not kept.

Saved in a new "session.xml" file, or better ORM+XML import/export.

h3. Solution B

the journal of the results/command calls done in a session in:
* 'history.xml'
"import.xml" file
* or better history ORM+XML import/export
* or even better 'history.groovy' (containing Groovy code)

To be implemented in Groovy:
* the journal needs a maintained Commands API
* results/command calls could be stored in macros
* a macro could call several Results/command calls stored in a macro

h3. Solution C bonus

Build a 'Gweave' literate programming and report generating environment similar to:
** "R Sweave":http://www.statistik.lmu.de/~leisch/Sweave
** "Python Pweave":http://mpastell.com/pweave

The commands from a journal can be:
* read for the reference of an experiment
* shared to be executed in another TXM session
* edited in a report or article

h3. Solution D

Add a new "Share with" entry in the corpus view contextual menu
* Add a new "Import results/command calls" result" entry in the Corpus corpus view contextual menu


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