Feature #996

Updated by Sebastien Jacquot almost 4 years ago

h3. Progression => Concordance

* on point selection:
** display a label area containing:
*** the 'ref' property if exists otherwise the 'text:id' property
*** the global position in corpora and the total count of all tokens of the corpora
*** the number of the selected token and the frequency in corpora total count of the selected token
** if a linked Concordance editor already exists for the selected token, move to the right page and select the table row of the selected token

* on double click:
** open a Concordance editor using the query of the selected token line, compute and display the page of the selected token according to current sorting order and select the table row of the selected token
** a new editor is opened for each query (for each line of the chart)

* manage a way to open a Concordance editor based on more than one line of the Progression chart:
** we may used contextual menu to do this, something as "Compute the concordance of the selected lines"
** we also may offer a way to compute the Concordance only for the selected points? Can it be useful?

h3. Progression => Edition

* on CTRL/CMD + double click:
** open an Edition editor using the queries of all the lines of the chart to highlight the token, highlight "more" the token of the line that has triggered have generate the event and move to the page of the selected token

h3. Concordance => Progression

* on table row selection:
** proceed to the "on point selection" event of the Progression chart (display label) (displaying label, etc.)

Old specifications on the french Wiki: https://groupes.renater.fr/wiki/txm-info/public/specs_charts_progression_repartition