Feature #827

Updated by Matthieu Decorde about 4 years ago

Currently, one needs to do a CA before being able to do a CAH on a partition or lexical table. This corresponds to FactomineR functions architecture but not to a typical analysis scenario: a user may analyse a CAH on a partition without ever analysing its CA.

h3. Solution

* Add the CAH (Classification/Cluster) command
** on partition
** lexical table objects.

* If called from the Partition:
*# create a lexical table with the default parameters
*# open the LT parameters dialog box (*) for (property to use and Fmin value)
*# build the LT
*# build the CA
*# build the CAH

* If called from a lexical table:
*# open the CA parameters dialog box (*) for property to use and Fmin value
*# build it (with default parameters)
*# create the CAH.

[(*) SH: 'was set word property and Fmin to a default value for CA']
Questions :

* Intermediate object created: created :
** SH: We have to decide if in that case the CA result is displayed in the Corpus view or not.
** MD: The intermediate Lexical Table created when the CA is called from a Partition is shown. So, I prefer to show the Lexical Table and the CA that will be created
Default parameters:
* MD: The CA called from the partition show the CA parameters and use the default parameters to create the LT. Should we do the same with de CAH ? (note: the CAH as no parameter dialog, so no parameter is shown)