Bug #1380

Updated by Sebastien Jacquot almost 6 years ago

At this moment we do not fully (and in a automatic way manage) the TXM/RCP proxy configuration from the OS proxy system configuration.

h3. Workaround for Mac OS X users using connection behind a proxy

* install TXM
* run TXM for the first time and go to \Tools\Parameters\General\Network Connections. In the "Proxy entries" your system HTTP proxy configuration should appears. Manually switch the "Active Provider" from "Direct" to "Manual". It will check your system proxy configurations. Apply and save the preferences.
* restart TXM
=> TXM should be ready for the online update system

h3. Solution to programmatically automate the definition of "Active provider" as "Manual" at TXM first run

* at this moment some solutions have been tested without real success, see: #1224