Bug #1336

Updated by Sebastien Jacquot almost 6 years ago

Dynamically match RCP network configuration with R network configuration.
At this moment, changing the network connection provider in RCP preferences does not change the R network preferences. It is not fully satisfactory.
See #868

h3. Solution

Retrieve the RCP proxy configuration: http://blog.vogella.com/2009/12/08/eclipse-rcp-proxy-preference/
Update R proxy settings when RCP preferences change:

* Windows: no good solution found at this moment (actually one would be to restart R with: R http_proxy="http_user:http_password@http_proxy:http_port") (Sys.setenv() doesn't seems to work for this under Windows XP)
* Linux/Mac: call in R: Sys.setenv(http_proxy="http_user:http_password@http_proxy:http_port")