Bug #974

Updated by Matthieu Decorde about 5 years ago

If a corpus load is aborted, the corpus already existing or not, the corpus keeps present in the corpus view but "is not ready" in the messages bar and is not useable.

When the loaded corpus is broken the corpus is still shown in the corpora view.

h3. Solution

* if corpus pre-exists then move binary corpus directory (backup)
** if load process is aborted then
*** if corpus pre-exists
**** then move binary corpus directory back (restore)
**** else remove the corpus from the corpus view

After first tests, we may need to modify cqplib to force reload the corpus. More tests to do...

h3. Validation test

Currently the CQPlib library does not manage to unload a broken corpus: even if "dropCorpus" is called the corpus is still present. If during the same work session, the user tries to load (or import) a fixed version of the corpus, CQPlib is still using the broken corpus indexes.

It seems that CQPlib does not drop the broken corpus indexes an reuse them.

h3. Solution (temporary)

The user must leave TXM and restart it.

h3. Solution

Fix the CQPlib dropCorpus function when a corpus is broken.