Task #1267

Updated by Sebastien Jacquot over 5 years ago

* improve Improve the corpora restoration process. In some not well identified cases, the corpora restoration fails. I had this issue a lot of time after some fresh installations on Win 7. I also sometimes need to manually delete the "registry" directory because of a right permissions problem else TXM does not start. When a corpora is not restored due of some errors, if we quit TXM, the related data to this corpus stored in the workspace/default.xml file are definitively lost. A temporary workaround is to manually restore the base in the default.xml file and to copy the registry file from the local corpora path "registry" to the global/shared "registry" path. I think we should create a command to reload/restore an existing corpora from the TXM user directory at least for dev purposes since we do not manage at this moment the corpora restoration fail case. Another workaround seems to zip the directory and then reimport the zip as TXM binary corpus import.
* improve the
information provided to the user during the first launch of TXM, especially when doing the save/backup/restore functions on existing corpora. At this moment,
using default log level, user does not know what TXM is doing and this process can be especially long. doing. We may use a progress dialog as we do now for the "Loading corpora" process.