Bug #1153

Updated by Matthieu Decorde over 4 years ago

An internal error occurred during: "Exécution de InjectWordPropTableMacro.groovy".
BUG! exception in phase 'semantic analysis' in source unit 'file:/home/mdecorde/TXM/scripts/macro/org/txm/annotation/InjectWordPropTableMacro.groovy' Queuing new source whilst already iterating. Queued source is 'file:/home/mdecorde/TXM/scripts/macro/org/txm/annotation/AnnotationInjectionFilter.groovy'

-Hypothesis: The macro is defined several times-


h3. Solution

Groovy class must explicitely invok "super(...)" in their no-args constructor.
In InjectPropTableFilter, add:
public AnnotationInjectionFilter() {
super(new File("").toURI().toURL());

h3. Validation test

* Run InjectWordProp macro. No need to start the macro.

MD: **OK** Linux64, Mac OS X 10.6