Bug #952

Updated by Matthieu Decorde about 6 years ago

Reported by AL: When calling Description command on -the BFM2014 corpus- +any corpus+, TXM +sporadically+ freezes and crashes a few minutes later (see Linux process crash report below).

*Diagnostic 1 - calling Description*:
* Question: Can we reproduce the bug?
* Test: call Description command on the BFM2014 corpus with TXM 0.7.6 + Ubuntu 14.04
* Conclusion: Impossible to reproduce the bug (MD).
** See if third-party libraries are the same MD's Ubuntu
mdecorde@matthieuPC:~/.txm/configuration/org.eclipse.osgi/bundles/119/1/.cp$ ls
libswt-atk-gtk-4332.so libswt-gtk-4332.so libswt-webkit-gtk-4332.so
libswt-cairo-gtk-4332.so libswt-pi-gtk-4332.so

alexey@alavrentevPC:~/.txm/configuration/org.eclipse.osgi/bundles/119/1/.cp$ ls

libswt-atk-gtk-4332.so libswt-cairo-gtk-4332.so libswt-pi-gtk-4332.so
libswt-awt-gtk-4332.so libswt-gtk-4332.so libswt-webkit-gtk-4332.so

--> AL has libswt-awt-gtk-4332.so in addition to MD's configuration

* Conclusion 2: BP could reproduce the bug

*Diagnostic 2 - is the bug present in TXM 0.7.5*:
* Question: Has TXM 0.7.6 introduced this bug?
* Test: Reinstall TXM 0.7.5 and call Description
* Conclusion: The bug persists with TXM 0.7.5 réinstalled

*Diagnostic 3 - test with another corpus*:
* Question: Is Description also bugged for DISCOURS corpus?
* Test: call Description command on the DISCOURS corpus with TXM 0.7.6 + Ubuntu 14.04
* Conclusion: no link with used corpus, since opening a web page crashes TXM

*Diagnostic 4 - test with a more recent Eclipse RCP environment*:
* Question: Is the bug fixed since Eclipse 4.4?
* Test: run a standalone TXM build with Eclipse 4.4
* Conclusion:
** MD : ok for me
** MD : tested and ok for BP Ubuntu

h2. Linux Crash report

Linux error report message:
The crashed program seems to use third-party libraries:


It is highly recommended to check if the problem persists without those first.

Do you want to continue the report process anyway?

Detailed log: see the attached file

h3. Solution

Use Eclipse 4.4 instead of Eclipse 4.3

h3. Validation test

* call description with the BFM2014 corpus
* TXM must not crash

MD : OK Ubuntu 14.04, must be tested by BP or AL