Bug #1170

Updated by Matthieu Decorde over 5 years ago

This bug seems to occur only under Window XP. The character is hard coded in org.txm.rcpapplication.editors.input.CorrespondanceAnalysisEditorInput.initCASingularValuesTableEditor().new AbstractTablable() {...}.getColumnTitles() for the Eigenvalues table editor and in org.txm.tbx.chartsengine.jfreechart.themes.highcharts.defaulttheme.renderers.CASingularValuesItemSelectionRenderer.initToolTipGenerator(...).new CategoryToolTipGenerator() {...}.generateToolTip(CategoryDataset, int, int) for the tool tips of the Eigenvalues bar chart.

h3. Solution

* TBX/tool tips: move the Ʃ character to /org.txm.toolbox/src/java/org/txm/tbx/chartsengine/base/messages/messages.properties file (ChartsEngine_CA_SINGULAR_VALUES_TOOLTIP_SUM=\u2211)
* RCP/table editor header: move the Ʃ character to /org.txm.rcp/src/main/java/org/txm/rcpapplication/messages.properties (CorrespondanceAnalysisEditorInput_11=\u2211)

h3. Validation

* create a CA
* check the the tool tip of the Eigenvalues bar chart
* check the header title of the Eigenvalues table editor