Feature #1036

Updated by Matthieu Decorde over 5 years ago

To manage network access precisely (see proxy ticket #1022), we need to disable default update event manager RCP behavior.

Update events must:
* be shown at the end of the RCP initialization, initialisation, in a non-modal thread
* have a preference to disable the automatic event

h3. Solution 1

* desactivate auto update feature in ApplicationWorkbenchAdvisor
* call 'lookforupdates' command in a job at the end of TXM startup if the 'automaticallylookforupdates' option is set to true

h3. Validation test

Run TXM with a proxy configured.

Observation: TXM still Freezes (see proxy ticket #1022)
Hypothesis: The
: the UpdateHandler manages itself its progression dialog. If must not be called from within a UI synchronized Job, Job
** Tested with Ubuntu, but freeze with
the UI Mac OS X TXM...
* check if profile patch
is frozen when still necessary : no more needed
* Setting proxy to "system" does not fix Mac OS X timeout.
the UpdateHandler is stalled.

h3. Solution 1.1

Don't call
proxy could be set to "direct" and set using the UpdateHandler within a Job. env proxy configuration. (just like during TXM installation of R packages)