Bug #871

Updated by Matthieu Decorde over 5 years ago

When using the search engine in 'memory mode', CQP cannot access corpora with paths composed of accented or special characters.

A) *Document* the problem: See (FR) https://groupes.renater.fr/wiki/txm-users/public/faq#sous_windows_txm_07_et_versions_ulterieures_aucune_requete_cql_ne_fonctionne_sur_aucun_corpus

B) Temporary *Solution*:
* under Windows, check if the corpus directory path obeys current CQP character constraints (accented or special characters)
* if not, ask the user to change the 'TXM User Home directory' preference to something compatible with the current CQP constraints
* corpus directory path must be checked at installation and when the 'TXM User Home directory' preference is changed
* TXM should not give the impression to the user that it works until the 'TXM User Home directory' complies with the current CQP constraints

C) Definitive *Solution*

Change CQP registry directory access code to comply with current operating systems pathnames constraints.

The solution was to replace FS IO functions with glib FS IO functions

h3. Validation test

In a Windows TXM session:
* get new CWB binaries from: "labo_ana_corpus/..."
* rename the "registry" directory to "registré"
* update TXM preferences to use the "regsitré" directory
* restart engines
* select GRAAL corpus, word count should appear in the status bar

* Windows XP: *OK MD*
* Windows 7 32bit:
* Windows 7 64bit:
* Mac OS X:
* Linux 32bit: *OK MD*
* Linux 64bit: *OK MD*