Feature #1022

Updated by Sebastien Jacquot almost 5 years ago

TXM can encounter proxy issues at various moments :
* during installation when:
** dependencies are installed (Linux) -> OS configuration
** installation of R packages (Linux + Mac OS X) -> R configuration #1116
* during first launch of TXM when
** java proxy configures itself: native mode-> RCP configuration
** updates are fetch during start-up -> RCP configuration #1036
** welcome page is shown -> RCP configuration
* during next launches of TXM when
** updates are fetch during start-up -> RCP configuration #1036
** when user call the "Check R packages" command -> R configuration #857

See child tickets for details.

h3. Solution

# MD: produce setups Alpha
# SJ: test proxy for the 3 proxy moments and OS

h3. Special note on Windows proxy configuration and RCP

If I remember well, there is a "bug" in the RCP related to the priority order of the used proxy, the SOCKS proxy is always used as the first. In Windows OS you can define the HTTP proxy then check "Use the same proxy for all protocols". If the user checks this option, it leads to some bugs in the RCP because of this priority problem. For the tests below, if this option is checked, the RCP updates won't work. After investigations, on Windows XP, checking this option define the SOCKS proxy as the same as the HTTP proxy but on Windows 7, checking this option leaves the SOCKS proxy as empty. That's why the tests below are successful on Seven but not on XP. We may find a way to change the priority proxies order in the RCP or to disable the SOCKS proxy ?