Task #627

Updated by Matthieu Decorde over 5 years ago

* replace the page ID label with an editable text field
* -set field character length to 5 and don't enforce value length- (MD: setEnforceLength is not available in current SmartGWT library)
* On escape event: abort and reset the field value
* On return event:
** check if page exists
*** No: display an error messagev in status line message
**** after 5 tries, show the error message in a dialog box abort
*** Yes: Go to the page

h3. Test protocol

* open Graal edition
* type in the page number field "190b" and Enter
** the page 190b is displayed
* type "z190b"
** the page z190b (from the Z manuscript) is displayed
* type "999" (not existing page)
** error message is displayed, the wrong number is still displayed, the page displayed does not change
* re-type Enter four more times
** another error message is displayed, the page number is reset to the one of the page being displayed
* type another wrong page number "xxx"
** error message is displayed
* type Escape
** the page number is reset to current

note: see http://www.smartclient.com/smartgwt/javadoc/com/smartgwt/client/widgets/form/fields/TextItem.html setEnforceLength(boolean enforceLength) setLength(Integer length)