Feature #1093

Updated by Matthieu Decorde over 5 years ago

See #943

Currently "text" is the only structure used to cut concordance contexts.
* We must be able to cut several structures (for example "text" or "plu" & "deplu" or "p")
* The import parameters defines which structures to cut in the concordance
** Step 1: add "context_limit" "context_limit_structures" parameter to "import.xml" file.
*** default text value is "text"
*** default @type value is "list"
can contain multiple values (ex: "text,plu,deplu")
*** if @type="list", the context limit query will be <struct1>[]|<struct2>[]|...|<strucN>[]
*** if @type="query", text value must be a CQL query
document how to patch "import.xml" for this parameter
** *** test with Apocalypse corpus
** Step 2: replace patch by complete import parameter interface
*** build an import UI for this parameter
*** save the field in "import.xml"

Add in admin documentation the new import parameter element : uis/ui@command=concordance/context_limit, @type attribute and text value uis/ui@command=concordance/cqllimit@text

h3. Validation test

* Call concordance on DISCOURS corpus with query "<p> []"
* exit TXM
* add the new import configuration in import.xml file (see Admin manual) or use the new import interface in the RCP in the DISCOURS corpus
<ui command="concordance">
<cqllimit type="list">text,p</cqllimit>
* re-start TXM
* Call concordance on DISCOURS corpus with query "<p> []", ensure left contexts are empty