Feature #870

Updated by Matthieu Decorde almost 5 years ago

We can add 'text' structure start-end positions to the R object (Dataframe) created.

Solution :
* add a 'struct' vector of structure vectors *OK*
* add a vector per text structure in the 'struct vector of name 'text' *OK*
* add a 'lex' vector of lexicons (lexicons must loose their 'lex' string in their name) *OK*
* each vector element is a vector of [start, end] Integer positions *OK* the start positions are in "$structs$text$start" and the end position in "$struct$text$end"
* position values start at 0 for the first word of a corpus and a sub-corpus *OK* for subcorpus with (because there is no hole position stored :D )

Other structures can be transfered later see ticket #1031